Following the controversial 2008 college football season, College Football Cafeteria opened its doors to serve college football fans who were hungry for authentic commentary. Let’s face it- Tim Tebow is God in the eyes of every ESPN sportscaster, and it just got downright annoying. That and some of the more prominent bloggers out there are calling us a bunch of whiners when we call for a playoff. Are they watching the same sport I am?

It was with that in mind that Sloppy Joe founded College Football Cafeteria. The raw, genuine content you will find here may not be something you are accustomed to. Our team calls it how we see it. That may not mean exactly what you think it does. It means we aren’t just spouting off what the guys on ESPN are saying during Sports Center. It means we’re not spewing profanity because we think it makes us sound more passionate. It means we don’t repeat the same asinine, archaic arguments about college football and its tradition. It means we are real, true fans…just like you.

We are sick of the blogs that represent specific teams and programs. We are sick of blogs that represent certain conferences. We are sick of blogs that do nothing but represent an agenda and a point of view. College Football Cafeteria is a blog that represents the fans. After all, we are what makes college football what it is, right? If we didn’t tailgate, attend games and follow the sport so closely, then college football would hardly be a sport to speak of. That’s why our blog is dedicated to the fans, the loyal followers of college football.

Also, be sure to check out our rankings archive. Want to know who the national champion was in 1938? 1955? 1984? It’s all there! College Football Cafeteria’s rankings archive has every final AP and UPI/USA Today poll since they began. Don’t forget to look at our college football predictions page and follow us as we make our picks each week.

Want to see our playoff proposal? We’ve got a sixteen-team college football playoff proposal for the NCAA that is perfect! And whether you agree or disagree with it, you can always share your thoughts!

So enjoy your visit to College Football Cafeteria. It’s a college football blog of the fans, by the fans, and for the fans. We encourage any and all feedback and participation. Please comment as freely as you would like on any and all of our material, agree or disagree with us. Hey, if you even want to be an author and join the team, just let us know! We’re always looking for more fans who want to represent the fans. Thanks for stopping in!