2009 Conference Rankings

If I have to hear one more person say what a great conference the SEC is, I’m going to puke. Has anyone watched any college football this year? To say the SEC is the best conference is to say that Ohio State is good. Yeah, best in the Big Ten, but what does that mean? Can’t even beat the middle of the Pac-10 on its own field. So, here is how I would rank the conferences:

1. Pac-10
2. ACC
3. Big East
4. SEC
5. Big Ten
6. MWC
7. Big 12
8. WAC
9. Conference USA
10. MAC
11. Sun Belt

Why? Because the SEC is Florida and Alabama. LSU is not very good (Louisiana Tech gave them a game). Auburn is not good. South Carolina has no offense. Georgia is awful. Tennessee is in shambles. Ole Miss is mediocre at best. Who else is in the SEC? Now look at the Pac-10. Oregon, Oregon State, Cal, Stanford, Arizona and USC. All ranked or recently ranked and could be again soon. Don’t forget UCLA embarrassed Tennessee on their home turf.

Look at the ACC. Miami (FL), Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Boston College. There are good teams there too…at least more than two of them. Same with the Big East. Cincy, Pitt, West Virginia, South Florida, Rutgers. These conferences are top to bottom better than the SEC. So I just wanted to get that out there, agree or disagree, you have to admit, its tough to call the SEC the best conference.