2009 Preseason Conference Analysis- Big 12

Many thought the Big 12 was the powerhouse conference last year, but the bowl games proved otherwise. Texas Tech and Oklahoma were beaten by SEC teams, Oklahoma State fell to Oregon, and Texas barely squeaked by Ohio State. But the Heisman winner came from the Big 12, and he is returning, as well as one of the runners up. So this may be the conference to watch this year. But it also may not be…

The way I see it, the Big 12 North is completely out of the picture. Missouri lost their offense, Nebraska is still rebuilding, and Kansas has the best chance of winning the north division. It’s really saying something when Kansas has the best chance. Meanwhile, the Big 12 South looks to be competitive. Texas and Oklahoma should battle for the top spot, but don’t expect Oklahoma State to be far behind. Texas Tech is no longer in the picture, and Texas A&M has a few years before they are again. Baylor could be the underdog no one prepares for that could sting you.

Based on last years bowl games, I would expect the defenses to be much better this year. They were known for big offenses in the Big 12, but defense was never really around. I think that may change this year. Unfortunately, the conference decided their tie-breaker scenario is adequate and will not be changing it. Why is this bad? Because the BCS rankings take a lot into account, and margin of victory plays into computer rankings. If there is another three way tie, all one team has to do is bully around some others and run up the score, say, past 60 for a few consecutive games. We all know this is what Bob Stoops did as well as Urban Meyer last year. Those guys are famous for it. Why do you think they always rank higher than teams with the same record?

This is bad for the game. Points scored should never figure into anything, only scoring defense should. It’s not dishonorable to shut out a team if you are that much better, but it is dishonorable to keep scoring over and over again when it is completely unnecessary to winning the game. Mack Brown campaign for the Longhorns, but he did it the right way, by pointing to the fact that Texas beat Oklahoma, so what else really mattered? However, voters and computers are swayed by staggering scores, so there you have it, another way in which the BCS is disgracing the game.

Here’s how I expect the conference to finish up:

1. Kansas
2. Nebraksa
3. Colorado
4. Missouri
5. Iowa State
6. Kansas State

1. Texas
2. Oklahoma
3. Oklahoma State
4. Baylor
5. Texas Tech
6. Texas A&M

I am thinking at least 6 of these guys will end up in bowl games, and I’m thinking Texas even goes to the championship. Too early to tell, but that’s my guess.