2009 Preseason Conference Analysis- Big East

Our series now arrives at the pathetically incomplete conference known as the Big East Conference. They were once a power conference at the beginning of the BCS era, but when Miami (FL), Virginia Tech and Boston College bolted for the ACC, the conference took a hit which it still has not recovered from.

The Big East is a mere 8 team conference. There are a few schools left that have had stellar seasons, such as West Virginia, Pitt and Louisville. But both Uconn and South Florida have only been playing D-IA football for less than 10 years. Rutgers has only recently begun to have regular winning seasons and same with Cincy. It’s about as mediocre of a conference from top to bottom as they come.

Why they still have an automatic bid to the BCS is beyond me. Utah, BYU and TCU have all been doing just as well as the top three teams in the Big East. But nothing about the BCS makes much sense so oh well.

2009 looks to be a pretty good year over all for the conference. Cincy won the conference last year, which helps spread the recruiting and talent across the board. Here’s how I expect the conference to finish this year:

1. Pitt
2. West Virginia
3. Cincy
4. Lousiville
5. Uconn
6. Rutgers
7. South Florida
8. Syracuse

Don’t expect Syracuse to make any movement this year. South Florida is only getting worse. Rutgers, Uconn and Louisville should have a good battle for the middle of the conference. Pitt, West Virginia and Cincy should have a good fight for the top three spots. In the end, Pitt wins it and gets thrashed in the Orange bowl by ACC champ Virginia Tech. Just my guess, we’ll see how it plays out.