A Look Back At The First Three Bowls of 2010

Well this past weekend I was lucky enough to watch a lot of all three bowl games. I saw nearly all of BYU, about a quarter total of Northern Illinois and maybe 10 minutes of Troy. I have a few thoughts regarding what I saw and what we can expect from here on out.

First, all three of these games were blowouts. BYU should have won by 21 more points, but Brandon Bradley got burned a few times by UTEP’s wide receiver. I actually know Brandon Bradley personally, so it was kind of painful to watch. But give credit where it’s due, that wideout was fast and could run the deep route. Had it not been for those touchdowns though, UTEP really didn’t do much of anything. BYU looked like the 10 win teams of the past 4 years, so next year should be a good one for them. UTEP is probably in a lot of trouble.

I should say though, Jake Heaps looks like the real deal. With BYU’s pass happy offense and his abilities, his name will be coming up in Heisman talks his junior and senior year for sure. He’s definitely the QB of the future in Provo, so they have a good set up heading into next season as an independent team.

Northern Illinois defied logic and beat up on Fresno State. How you can lose to Miami (OH) and follow that with a thumping of the Bulldogs is beyond me. Fresno State is a good, tough team. To get steamrolled like that was pretty uncharacteristic. But for whatever reason they can only get up for the big games against AQ teams. Either way, Northern Illinois looked pretty decent and should have a bright future.

Ohio forgot there was a bowl game to attend and let Troy just show up and win. It’s too bad because I’m sure I picked against every Sun Belt team since they were all 6-6 or something. Who knew Ohio could crap a brick that big. It’s too bad this was another blowout, makes you wonder what the rest of the bowl season is going to be like. Hopefully the other bowls managed more balanced matchups than these first three.

But just for fun, what other blowouts await us? Check out my predictions to see who I picked, but here’s the games I see being a bit more lopsided:

Boise State will murder Utah. If they come out with a vengeance and motivated, this will look about the same as Utah’s effort against TCU.

Hawaii and Tulsa won’t be lopsided, but will probably be the only game in which both teams combine for well over 100 points.

Missouri will have their way with Iowa. The Hawkeyes are completely unmotivated, had a terrible season and closed things out with a loss to Minnesota. Oh and their top wideout and rusher are both suspended for this game. Meanwhile, Missouri always feels like they have something to prove. I think I can see where this is headed.

East Carolina better watch out for Maryland. These guys will be pissed. ACC coach of the year just got fired so they will be playing with a vengeance. Unless they hated their coach who more than tripled wins over last season.

Oklahoma State will open a can of whoop-wildcat on Arizona. Arizona comes into the game losing their last 4 games in a row. This is a sinking ship. Oklahoma State was one win away from the Fiesta Bowl, so there’s bound to be some rage there. Teams with something to prove tend to annihilate teams who lost 4 in a row.

Nebraska plays Washington again? This will by absolutely nobody outside of the states of Nebraska and Washington. No one cares to see this completely un-intriguing matchup. Huskers by 35.

Alabama and Michigan State will be interesting. We saw how the Spartans did away from home at Iowa. Alabama is much better than Iowa. If this was a home game for Michigan State then different story. Expect the guys in red to embarrass the guys in green.

Oklahoma and Uconn will be like Georgia and Hawaii a few years back. Uconn lost by 20 to Michigan for crying out loud. I’m rooting for the underdog here, but all signs point to these dogs being 6 feet under when this game is finished.

Ohio State versus Arkansas. Well, Ohio State versus [insert any SEC team] in the BCS has been pretty bad. Arkansas has shown the ability to put up points in a big way. If they figure out how to contain a scrambling QB they should have no trouble in this game.

Nevada and Boston College is a silly matchup. I know what the experts say, Nevada has the top rushing offense and BC has the top rushing defense. Great matchup! Right, because the rushing attacks of all those ACC teams is pretty devastating. BC must be great against the run. And Nevada must be a great rushing team if they can run all over WAC opponents. BC went 2-5 against bowl teams. Nevada beat Boise State. Enough said.

I’m revising my championship game pick to be 44-31 Oregon. Not a blowout, but I just have a feeling they will be in control the whole game.

And there you have it. The bowls will give us some good matchups, but I see many blowouts on the horizon. How about you?