A Surprising Big Ten Bowl Victory

I hate when I have to eat my words. But Wisconsin pulled it out against Miami (FL) last night in the Champs Sports Bowl and notched a victory for the Big Ten. Now why do I hate the Big Ten so much? Nothing against the teams, I just hate Jim Delany, the foremost roadblock to ending the BCS and getting a playoff. The more the Big Ten wins, the more influence they continue to have. We need them to fail, always. It’s the best chance at making the conference irrelevant and thus making Jim Delany irrelevant.

The game was close at least. I don’t know why I picked such an inconsistent team like Miami (FL) to win that game. I guess I was just hopeful. Maybe next time I should use some college football bowl point spreads to guide my decisions. Not that all my picks are bad, but all these gambling and betting folks with their fancy computers tend to make some very good picks. They have Oklahoma winning the Sun Bowl and I have Stanford. With the news that Andrew Luck is out, I might be soon changing that pick.

But back to the Big Ten. We still have Ohio State, Penn State, Iowa, Northwestern and Minnesota to watch. If they could go 1-5 in this bowl season, that would be spectacular. Ohio State is a guaranteed loss right there. Northwestern against Auburn is another. Minnesota will battle Iowa State in the fight for mediocrity. Penn State and Iowa will have their hands full. I think the Big Ten realistically wins one more bowl, but gets smashed in the others.

Another good reason for them losing is their likely expansion. To get more competitive they will surely expand to 12 teams, and we’ve talked about how that will only help college football. So here’s to hoping the Big Ten gets clobbered!