Another Reason to Hate the BCS

Just a quick thought I would like to share about the BCS. I came up with another reason to show how much it is hurting college football. Unlike pro sports, colleges cannot simply sign free agents, trade players, and acquire talent easily. The talent pool for college football is much, much larger than pro sports. Schools recruit from around the nation. And recruiting is the lifeblood of any college. So what is the BCS doing to recruiting? Let’s see…

Put yourself in the shoes of an 18 year old high school kid. Or a 16 or 17 year old for that matter, recruiting starts younger these days. Think to yourself…if colleges are coming around recruiting me and I’m not even a Senior yet, what does that say about me? I must be pretty good! I must have a chance to be a big time football player! That has always been my dream since I was a kid!

Well, with this thought in mind, you look at all the schools recruiting you. It just so happens you live in Nevada near Las Vegas. So you have UNLV, Nevada, BYU, Utah, Boise State, Oregon, Cal, USC, and Arizona State knocking on your door. That’s quite a crowd! How are you going to narrow it down? Well, first off, cross UNLV, Nevada, BYU, Utah and Boise State off the list. Why you might be thinking? Well, since they will never play for the national title, they will never be as prestigious. Since they are rarely on major networks, no one watches them play. This kid wants to be a big time football player! He needs to get seen and needs to be recognized. Simply not going to happen at a non-BCS school.

The BCS by nature makes recruiting impossible for non-BCS schools. Look just last year. The number two recruit in the country, a linebacker from Hawaii named Teo, was considering USC, Notre Dame, and BYU. Guess which one he eliminated first? Exactly. Non-BCS schools can never compete in recruiting against auto qualifying conference teams simply because they need to merely point out that they are from an auto qualifying conference.

The system keeps the mid majors as mid majors. There is nothing they can ever do about it. Guess what winning the title has done for Florida? Two titles in three years, means a lot more top recruits choosing them over Florida State. And since a BCS school wins the title every year, they keep the prestige in the presitigous schools, right where they want it.

The BCS is completely unfair to all schools in the FBS. Either make two leagues, one of 65 and one of 55, or make the one league act like one league. This is ridiculous.