Big 12 Media Day, Better than Reality Television

College football conference media days are about to kick into high gear in the coming weeks. The most interesting media day, arguably is going to be the Big-12 media day. If the Big 12 had a network this would be one of the most watched sports based- reality programs during the summer months. This will be great television because there will be coaches and players who will have an open microphone in front of them, as reporters pepper student-athletes and coaches with questions about expansion and the current configuration of the conference. The media day(s) will definitely be more entertaining than “Keeping up with the Kardashians” but without the eye candy. Let Big 12 night at the improv begin.

Tommy Tuberville got it started earlier this month, as he already has made comments regarding the current configuration of the Big 12 and has since issued a statement, probably forced, backing off of his previous stance. “Coach Click Clack” however only said what many of us were thinking outside of the Big-12, so the comedic part of this is if the media, which if you ask any media type, does not see the Big 12 lasting, and fans; who have recognized that the current Big 12 relationship cannot survive long term, what is going to happen when these savvy reporters have an 18,19,20 year old student athlete, who has read and heard a lot of the talk about realignment on the podium? Comedy! One thing we know if Tuberville had to issue a statement there will be student athletes and athletic departments issuing statements by the boatload. I cannot wait for the first student athlete to slam trips to Boulder or Lincoln. There are some coaches like Mack Brown, Bill Snyder, or Gary Pinkle who shoot straight from the hip and you have to wonder what their responses will be with a microphone in their face and being fatigued from the demands of media day. Comedy again!

Do you think Nebraska is going to be using this media day to kick the Big12 on its way out of the door? Intrigue! As if Nebraska’s press conference was not going to be entertaining enough with what happened in last year’s Big 12 championship game.

Do you think Colorado will do the same? More intrigue! There is enough of a story with Hawkins being on the HOT SEAT, but now that Colorado is off to the sun and sand of the Pac-10, Colorado’s press conference is not be the snoozer it has been the last few years.

Do you think that some reporter will reference the comments made by T. Boone Pickens not caring about Missouri or Nebraska; or Jay Nixon’s (Missouri Governor) quote regarding the academic “stones” of some of the Big 12 schools, adding fuel to the fire of a few Big-12 rivalries?

Do you think that a Baylor player or coach will be asked about being left out of the Pac-10 rumors, or a Kansas player or coach will be asked about being on the cusp of joining the Mountain West Conference.

Needless to say, the Big 12 media day will have programs with hurt feelings, programs that are sitting pretty in the cream of an inequitable financial situation, and some wallowing in the backwash of said financial situation. If nothing else Big 12 media day should be fun.