Big Saturday Tomorrow

College football is finally here for reals! I’m so sick of the crappy games against Savannah State, Towson and all that garbage. These games need to be abolished. Forever. At least this week real teams are finally playing each other. We already had a decent game last night with USC coming back to beat Utah on the road. Here’s what I think is in store for tomorrow.

A trendy upset pick right now is Washington over Oregon. This is nonsense. People only say that because Washington beat Stanford. They did that at home. Now they have to go on the road against a team that is better than Stanford. Also, 99% of games after emotional highs are big time letdowns. Washington is going to get smoked. Bad.

Florida State at North Carolina State looks to be pretty pedestrian. The Seminoles don’t have a real schedule this year. A bunch of yawners until Florida at the end of the season. But those are exactly the kinds of trap games that always get Florida State. Don’t count on it being this game though. The real one to watch is in a couple of weeks when they go on the road to Miami.

LSU at Florida is not going to be the game everyone thinks it is. LSU will roll by Florida. They were caught looking ahead against Towson, but that means exactly that, they were already looking ahead and preparing for Florida. Les Miles will be ready. Gators have managed to get by this long, but they haven’t played in two weeks and their last game was a snooze fest blow out of Kentucky. They aren’t in tip top shape. I expect LSU to come in and assert itself here and show the country Florida is overrated.

Georgia at South Carolina is literally a toss up for me. Both are notorious choke artists. This will be the best game to watch tomorrow for sure. I went with Georgia, but basically flipped a coin.

Kansas at Kansas State will be ugly. Wildcats will eat the Jaybirds alive. Uninteresting.

West Virginia at Texas is going to be a very interesting game, on the same level as Georgia and South Carolina. West Virginia can score but can’t play defense. Texas can kind of play defense and kind of score. Neither team has played anyone like the other yet so it’s a big guessing game. Based on last week’s performance I like Texas here. Not because of officiating, but because West Virginia gave up 63 points. Sixty. Three.

Miami at Notre Dame has upset written up and down it. I almost pulled the trigger here. Almost. At the end of the day Miami is pulling out miraculous comebacks. If they have to overcome a two score deficit in the fourth quarter against Notre Dame it ain’t happening. Irish defense is just way too good to let them back in. And I don’t see Miami hanging with Notre Dame all game.

Nebraska at Ohio State has upset written up and down and side to side. Ohio State is barely holding on. They edge out opponents and seem to win every game close. And the last time they saw a QB like Martinez was against Cal, a team that nearly beat them in Columbus. Nebraska wins this one although I think it ends up a one score game.

The next interesting game is Iowa State at TCU. Now TCU has been pretty unimpressive so far. Yes they are winning, but Northwestern is 5-0 and they aren’t ranked in the top 15. Winning is one thing, but being a top 15 team is another. TCU is not a top 15 team. And with their QB now suspended indefinitely, they are definitely going down to a better than expected Cyclone squad.

Oklahoma is ready for an upset special at Texas Tech. Get this, the Red Raiders have won the last 3 meetings in Lubbock. They also beat the Sooners last year. And OU has probably not recovered from Kansas State. You know they are going to be looking ahead to next week against Texas. Sooners go down and show Landry Jones was never a great QB. He just had Ryan Broyles that made him look good.

Arizona at Stanford has potential for an upset. I think this game will be close. But Stanford wants it too bad to give it up. Wildcats won’t have enough gas to keep up. But with Oregon, Oregon State, Oklahoma State, Stanford, USC, Washington and UCLA all in a row on the schedule, they won’t make it out alive.

Northwestern at Penn State is another upset waiting to happen. Penn State came out of the gates a little flat. Granted everyone was watching their every snap. Now no one cares and they have rattled off three straight wins. This will be another.

UCLA at Cal was an upset I almost picked. Cal has only 1 win but they are better than their record. UCLA has 4 wins but they really aren’t as good as their record. And the game is at Cal. If this game had been after the Oregon State loss I would have gone with Cal. But UCLA has a lot of confidence after trouncing Colorado last week. Bruins should be all right, but a closer game than most are thinking.

I’m really glad October is finally here. September football is hard to get through. So few good games that actually matter. But now we hit the conference schedules and it should be good from here on out until the regular SEC patsy November game. Other than that let’s hope we get more Saturdays like this one.