Big Ten Fails Yet Again

Saturday was absolutely delicious. Northwestern lost. Michigan lost. Michigan State got murdered. Penn State lost. And even the mighty Wisconsin was brought down by a little sister of the poor. So on the conference score card, where does that land the Big Ten? 0-5 for the day. That’s right, 5 bowl games, 5 bowl losses. If Ohio State and those criminals lose to Arkansas, then all 3 co-Big Ten champs will have gone down, and 4 of the 6 bowl losses would have come from the SEC. And they think Leaders and Legends is befitting of anything to do with this conference?

It goes to show you just how far off the Big Ten has dropped. When they name their conference, give it a new logo, name new divisions and new trophies, everything was about…the past. That’s all the Big Ten has to hold on to. Remember the glory days, when all the top recruits came to Michigan and Ohio State? Remember 80 years ago when most major programs didn’t even play football yet, and we worked everybody? Those were the days all right.

It looks like the Big Ten’s best days are behind them, if incoming Nebraska is any sign of what’s to come. Their season started over-hyped, then became ok, then got worse, then tanked. Sounds like they will fit right in.

Now to be fair, Iowa did upset Missouri in a win no one saw coming, especially with those suspensions. And Illinois took care of business against Baylor as expected. And to be fair, each Big Ten team that lost was probably considered an underdog…except by Big Ten fans, who never consider their teams under anything.

Which leads me to something very important. Did anyone watch GameDay when Lee Corso donned the Beaver mascot? Did you then watch the game and see Brett Beliema on the sideline, coach of Wisconsin? If there was an award for the coach who most closely resembled the mascot, this guy wins hands down. I’m surprised ESPN isn’t all over this.

Anyway, it’s always good to see big servings of humble pie dished out. The Big Ten got theirs. They may even come back for seconds on Tuesday. So to the Big Ten fans and all your history, you had better pray history repeats itself and Ohio State dominates like they used to. Just pray it’s not recent history.