Boise State Beats Down Oregon

Even though it was an Oregon player throwing the punches, Boise State laid the smack down on Oregon last night, defeating the Ducks 19-8. Boise State’s home record now improves to 65-2, the best in the FBS. It was a sloppy game, but oh so satisfying to watch. I love when hyped up BCS clubs get beat down by non-BCS teams. Just more reason to show the BCS has got to go.

The prolific offense of Oregon managed 14 first half yards, no first downs, no points, gave Boise State a safety, and had the ball for under 6 minutes. Hopefully Oregon goes on to win most of the rest of their games so that people don’t look back at this and say Oregon just wasn’t that good as they will want to do.

Boise State looked good on offense. A few missed field goals, but it was the first game. Kellen Moore was spot on, which means he just may be a dark horse Heisman candidate. But then again people said that about Max Hall last year until the TCU breakdown, so only time will tell.

In other news, Oklahoma won’t have top TE Jermaine Gresham for Saturday’s game against BYU. Not that Iglesias is graduated and Gresham is out, the two players who accounted for over 50% of Bradford’s yards last year are gone. I’m feeling a lot better about BYU’s chances right now.

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