Can it get worse? The Worst of the Worst

The second installment of the worst of the week should not take the focus off of the great games this past weekend, and great performances. The thing that fan bases should realize is that when looking at their programs it could always be worse, unless you are on this list.

Worst Game Take your pick UNLV vs. Colorado St or Florida International vs North Texas. Unfortunately these games are on television somewhere, pity but true. FIU is the only one of the four coming off of a win. Bobby Houck (UNLV Head coach) is asking himself why did he leave Montana a great FCS program for a division two program (before I get hate mail, I am aware UNLV is a D-1 program). These games are not even entertaining to play on NCAA 2010. Actually, the NCAA should allow these games to be played on NCAA 2010, it would spare the casual fan even the possibility of running across either of these games as they are looking for a good high school game.

Worst coaching Job- Urban Meyer. Urban Meyer has not had a good year, he is still hoping that #15 will walk through the door and rescue him with a pep talk with lots of head bobbing and spit flying, as an aside I was wondering if John Brantley was going to stand in front of “Gator Nation” and make his own version of “the pledge” after the LSU game. “You will never see another quarterback in the nation that will take snaps better than me, yada yada.”

Anyway enough of the creek critter’s quarterback woes because quarterback play is only a part of Florida’s trouble. Question, with less than a minute remaining, your opponent sets up for a 52 yard game tying (important word in this is game tying) field goal. Now even though your opponent’s kicker has been good and is being mentioned as a candidate for post season awards, it is still a 50 yard plus try on the road. So what does ole’ Urb do? He rushes the kicker, instead of maybe a field goal safe, looking for the fake, where if he makes it the worst thing is you go into overtime; at home. You also have to know that Les Miles has a history of trick plays, heck you play the guy four out of five years so you know that you take nothing for granted. Well, we all know what happened; LSU converts fourth down on the fake field goal, then instead of calling a time out to settle his defense, he then sees LSU complete a 28 yard pass down the middle of the field, setting up the go ahead touchdown.

Worst loss- Arizona. You are the only program in the PAC-10 to never sniff the roses. This year, you are mentioned as a contender, not as strong as Stanford or Oregon, but you get quite a bit of mention. A win helps you keep pace with Oregon and puts pressure on Oregon (a program that has a history of folding under the weight of expectations). You have a home game versus unranked Oregon St., a program that has a 3-2 record but has played a difficult schedule. OSU is well respected and a win would give your program credibility, with all of that on the table you come out flat.

Additionally, Oregon St.’s best player is on crutches for the second half after one of your Db’s makes what some have called a dirty play, and your second ranked defense proves that it is not able to stop a sneeze, I suppose that karma was working against the ‘Cats. OSU won the game by three but you never got the feeling that Arizona was going to win this game, heck they had fans filing out of Arizona Stadium at halftime. I guess they wanted to get a jump on enjoying that always entertaining Tucson nightlife.

Worst Performance- Penn St. Defense. Remember when Penn St. was “linebacker U” which usually meant there were some stout defenses in Happy Valley. Illinois blew into town and torched the Penn St. “d” to the tune of 437 total yards, 282 of it on the ground, the “d” recorded zero sacks, and a gave up a robust eight yards play. Remember when people were mentioning the Nittany Lions as a contender for a BCS bowl game? That prognostication was a little misguided.

Runner up- Jacory Harris QB, Miami- It was six weeks ago Harris was being mentioned as a Heisman contender, then the “U” started playing teams not named Florida A&M. A statline like 19-47 for 225 yards, one interception, and zero touchdowns, will lend itself to your coaching staff working on the running game.

Under the Radar-Utah. Last week I mentioned Oklahoma as a team under the radar, and should watch, this week college football fans should take a peek at Utah. Utah is in its swan song in the Mountain West Conference and would love to send a message to the Pac-10, and kick the MWC on the way out. If Utah happens to get to a BCS bowl game, they would have more appearances than all but one program in the conference.