College Football Cafeterias Heisman Watch List

The season is nearly over, and there is still no clear cut winner for the Heisman. Now let’s get one thing straight. The full name of the award is the Heisman Memorial Trophy as the Most Outstanding College Football Player in the United States. Outstanding is defined as “distinguished from others in excellence.” In other words, most outstanding player means best player. Keep in mind, there are awards for nearly every individual position in college football. It is certainly possible that the second best quarterback in the country could in fact be the best football player based on other factors. So let’s look at who really deserves to be on the list.

If I were a Heisman voter, here would be my vote:

1. Mark Ingraham
2. Toby Gerhart
3. C.J. Spiller

What, no Tim Tebow? No Colt McCoy? Let me explain first the reason why some people are not on this list. First and foremost, McCoy has thrown way more interceptions than last year and had a very slow start to his season. Tebow has only put up good numbers against pathetic teams. For Tebow to win another Heisman, he would need to put up numbers similar to those he did when he actually won it. He isn’t even close. And I didn’t include Case Keenum because the team as a whole has barely rushed for 1,000 yard this season. Not hard to put up insane numbers when you throw 9 times out of 10. I just haven’t been impressed by the quarterbacks this year. And I don’t feel any defensive player has been consistently dominant enough to merit consideration. Hence my top three.

First, C.J. Spiller. If you go for all around player, he is the complete package. He has returned punts for touchdowns. He has returned kickoffs for touchdowns. He has rushed for touchdowns. He has received passes for touchdowns. He has even thrown a touchdown pass for crying out loud. This guy does it all. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him play a few snaps at cornerback when Clemson is on defense. I bet he could do it. As the all around package, no one is better than C.J. Spiller. My issue is this- a Heisman candidates team is not a big factor to me, but the impact of having the Heisman winner on your team would be that you would win a lot of games. Clemson lost to Maryland. Plus they averaged just under 20 points a game in their first five games. Spiller is alive and well now, but you need a complete season to win the Heisman, and he has been the best player for only half the season.

Toby Gerhart is hands down the only reason Stanford plowed through Oregon and USC. The guy has gone for 100 yards almost every single game. His game is very, very similar to my number one pick, Mark Ingram. Tons of yards, tons of touchdowns…its really hard to ignore this guy. This could be the case where you could say he is the best running back in the country but give the Heisman to another quarterback. Because while he is amazing, his team has now lost 4 games. He is not finding ways to get the win for his team. And their losses have come by 7, 10, 5 and 6 points, so each game was winnable. Like I said, if you are the best player in college football, I can see your team losing, but you don’t lost all of those games. The best player finds a way to get his team more victories.

And so my number one pick is Mark Ingram. Alabama has wins over Kentucky, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Tennessee and Ole Miss. None of these teams have let people just run around them. Yet Ingram has consistently put up great numbers and helped his team win games. This is why I don’t give Keenum much credit. It’s easy to put up huge numbers when all you do is pass and the teams you play have track records of terrible pass defense. Its another when you are Alabama, have a balanced attack, and run against teams who have been pretty good against the run. And here’s another thing. Ingram gets about half of his yards after contact. He breaks tackles. Against Chattanooga he ran a touchdown while dragging two guys on his back. Ingram is tough, strong and gets the job done in clutch situations.

And that’s my Heisman pick. What do you think?