College Football In An Ideal Future

We all know the BCS is less than ideal. We know the soon to be adapted four team playoff is more ideal, but still not there. So what would college football look like in the future if it were completely ideal? Read on if you must know.

The year is 2016. Every conference that participates in FBS football has raised the exit fees to $100 million to effectively bar anyone from leaving, ending the conference realignment rumors for good. There are only 9 conferences left, the SEC, Big Ten, Pac-12, ACC, Big 12, MWC, MAC, Sun Belt and Conference USA. The Big East name was taken by the 7 defectors in 2014 and the football schools decided to join other conferences rather than stick together. The MWC absorbed all the football playing WAC schools. And then there are a handful of independent programs.

The rules for becoming a football program in the FBS have changed. Whereas formerly an FCS school would have to play 4 games each season against FBS teams, this requirement was done away in 2014 with the eternal ban placed on games between FBS and FCS teams. Now teams in the FBS are only allowed to play other FBS teams. All schools are required to play a 12 game schedule, no more, no less. Because of the size of each conference, all conferences now play a conference championship game the weekend after Thanksgiving, with Thanksgiving weekend being the wrap up of the regular season for all schools in a conference. Independents still can play the weekend of conference championship, and in fact, this is the date of the annual Notre Dame vs BYU game.

The bowl season is exciting and invigorating. Only schools with 8 wins are allowed to participate in bowls, so there are only 15 bowl games and even that leaves out some 8 win teams. But all the matchups are pretty good and everyone looks forward to one bowl per day minus Sundays for fifteen straight days in December.

But the highlight of the postseason is definitely the 8 team playoff. The BCS rankings incorporate a lot more of the computer models and a few more human polls which makes them more reliable. The playoff selection is simple. The four highest ranked conference champions in the BCS rankings are in. Then a committee comes together and selects the other four teams. The committee seeds them 1-8. Teams 1, 2, 3, and 4 host teams 8, 7, 6, and 5, respectively, during the week following the traditional Navy vs Army game. One game is that following Thursday, one is Friday and two are Saturday. The bowl games then start that following Monday.

The winners of those games have the higher seed face the lower seed and the other two face each other in bowl games on New Year’s Day. These bowl sites rotate between Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, Cotton and Orange. The championship is between the winners a week later and it gets bid out, although Jerry Jones has won the bid every year and it’s become a tradition to see the championship where the Cowboys play.

The colleges themselves are doing much better with all of them achieving a 100% graduation rate of every football player. None of them have been arrested for drug, alcohol or violent related crimes in four years. All the coaches took huge paycuts so that their millions could instead be given as scholarships and to pay the dozen armed security staff now required on every college campus.

Yup, college football is at an ideal place and now I have nothing to complain or vent about since I have had a perfect 100% record in my predictions for three years running.

Here’s to hoping this future becomes a reality one day!