College Football Tradition

How often have you heard the word “Tradition” come up in the defense of the BCS? I know I have, because the best reason people can think of to keep college football’s system the same is to say it is tradition. After all, who would dare mess with tradition? Nevermind that the length of the game, size of the field, rules, scoring, pads, conferences, and plenty more have changed and adapted over the years. Yet our archaic postseason has not. I would add though that the BCS is only 10 years old, meaning it was a recent change to the system that should supposedly never be changed. With that in mind, take a look at this gem:


Take that BCS! Tradition is just a terrible excuse for saying you can’t come up with something better. Earth to the BCS…a playoff is better! Many of us have come up with perfectly acceptable playoff systems, yet you cling to your “tradition” as if anyone gives a crap! I don’t care about the Rose Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, the Tostitos Fed-Ex Orange Bowl or any other corporate sell out bowl. Neither does anyone else!
The bowl system is fine and great, and if it must be kept, then wonderful, all we’re asking is that a playoff be implemented as well. My playoff proposal allows for a playoff and the worthless bowl games to still be played without interrupting anything. Get your act together BCS and give us a much needed playoff already.