College Football’s 2009 Season Begins

The time has finally arrived! The 2009 college football season kicks off this week, and it’s about time. If I heard anymore preseason hype on ESPN about Florida, I think I would have drowned myself. Of course, all we will hear about all week is how amazing Florida is for slaying the mighty Charleston Southern at home. Aside from that game which every employee of ESPN will be watching, there are four that will grab my attention.

First game to watch, Oregon at Boise State. This will tell us all we need to know about both teams. Boise State wins, and they go to a BCS bowl for sure. Oregon wins, and it looks like we know who is giving USC a run for their money in the Pac-10. Watch this game, it will be a good one.

Second game to watch, BYU and Oklahoma. If BYU pulls off the undefeated season, they will do so by beating Oklahoma, Florida State, Utah, TCU and Air Force. Those teams combined for a mere 12 losses last season. An undefeated season after that kind of competition would warrant a title game for sure, yet we know they would get snubbed. Good, just more fuel for the anti-BCS fire.

Third game to watch, Georgia at Oklahoma State. There has been a lot of hype about Oklahoma State this year because of their three man offense. Don’t be fooled. You only play offense for half the game. Oklahoma State won’t have a clue how to play football the other half of the game. Still, Georgia will suck this year after losing their offensive firepower, so look for a close game between two teams who don’t look like they belong in the top 25. Loser’s season is essentially over.

The biggest game this week in my opinion is Alabama and Virginia Tech. You have two defenses that finished last year in the top 10, and returning a boat load of starters. Of course, Virginia Tech is returning their offense, something Alabama lost (their QB and left tackle.) The trendy pick is Alabama, but I would be surprised to see Alabama finish in the top 25. They lose to Virginia Tech, LSU and Ole Miss this year. But never underestimate Nick Saban. This will be a fun one to watch.

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