Corrupt College Athletic Programs

A reader sent me a link to an interesting story I wanted to share. It’s about the most penalized college athletic programs in the nation. The results can be seen here. Interesting to see some of the programs at the top of this list.

SMU at number two wasn’t a huge shocker, but who knew Arizona State would top the list with 9 major infractions? Pretty crazy.

My favorite program to make this list is of course Auburn. Who knows, when all is said and done with the Cam Newton investigation, they could make a move for the top spot. One can only hope.

Too bad Ohio State is not on this list. What with players breaking rules left and right and the coach turning a blind eye. That looks like it might be coming back to bite them here really soon.

Wichita State landing on this list is really shocking to me. You might think if you broke the rules so much you would at least have something to show for it.

Which program catches your attention?