ESPN Stinks – Tim Tebow and Brett Favre

I am so sick of Tim Tebow and Brett Favre. Get over it ESPN. Really, is Favre coming out of retirement AGAIN still news? No! Is Tim Tebow really just God incarnate among mortals? No! But I made this little beauty that I like to call “The ESPN Dream.”

ESPN's dream come true...Tebow and Favre spawn!

ESPN's dream come true...Tebow and Favre spawn!

Yes, hideous, I know, but that is the bastard child of Tim Tebow and Brett Favre from that I just made. I think the anchors and producers at ESPN would have their heads explode if this were possible. I can’t wait to watch Tebow get smothered this year, and here’s why.

Did anyone else wonder why Tebow didn’t enter the draft? He has won the Heisman and been runner up. He has won a (mythical) national championship twice. What more does he have to prove in college football? What more can he do that ESPN would extoll his greatness? Oh wait, he was projected to be a 4th or 5th round draft pick. Could that have had anything to do with it?

The problem is this- Tebow can never play quarterback in the NFL. Running over 200 pound freshmen linebackers is one thing. Trying to run through a 300 pound NFL beastman is another. Ask Steve Young what happens to quarterbacks who try running through people. Tebow knows his game stinks for the NFL. Great in college, not so great pro. And Urban Meyer knows it too.

So think on this. Look at what Tebow has done for Florida. He has brough in revenue, attention, recruits and some hardware (see Heisman and BCS Championship trophies.) Meyer owes him and he knows it. Guess what Tebow’s senior year is going to be? I’ll tell you what, it will be 9-3 because Meyer is going to run a completely new offense. This season will be nothing but a glorified NFL tryout for Tebow. That’s the only reason he stayed. He has to raise his NFL stock. He knows it, Meyer knows it.

So he stayed because Meyer promised to turn him into an NFL caliber quarterback. Look for a lot more passing and a lot less running people over. You see, in the NFL, quarterbacks can’t just take over a game and win because they want it more than everyone else. They can’t win a game with nothing but “excellent leadership qualities.” It takes skill. Tebow has none of it when it comes to the NFL and the scouts know it. So watch him get nailed this season and enjoy it. But remember you heard it here first. Guarantee you Florida and Tebow look a lot different this year. Because if they don’t, Tebow is screwed. And we all know what a pissed off Tim Tebow can do. And Urban, I’m sure he knows where you sleep. I’d do the kid a favor and teach him to be an NFL quarterback this year. Otherwise he’s headed for some concussions…no pun intended.