ESPN’s Sick Love Affair With Tim Tebow

You watch ESPN. I watch ESPN. We all watch ESPN. Unfortunately, there is really no other option in the world of sports. They have all the good games, they have great coverage, a viewer friendly production, etc. They are it when it comes to sports. This is unfortunate considering the sick love affair they have with Tim Tebow and Brett Favre. What on earth is so special about Tim Tebow? He’s not the best quarterback, he’s not the best player, he’s not the best leader and he’s not the best at anything. Yet ESPN is rooting for him to win the Heisman and national championship. Don’t believe me?

This is straight from Ted Miller’s Heisman list this week. His introduction begins like this:

“Does anybody want this darn trophy? To win it, all you have to do is be outstanding every week, and your team can’t lose to Iowa State. That actually is a rule, Ndamukong Suh — even if you might be the best player in college football and even if Nebraska’s 9-7 loss to the Cyclones doesn’t fall on your shoulders (not with eight tackles, a sack, a blocked field goal and a blocked extra point). Don’t worry, there’s always next week.”

Translation: Your own personal accomplishments as an individual player mean nothing if your team loses to inferior competition. If you are the best defensive player, this would be reflected in your offense somehow.

Next is this beauty of an explanation as to why he still has Tim Tebow on his Hesiman list:

“Tebow remains on the list because he, as of this writing, continues to be Tim Tebow. Despite his struggles, and Florida’s red zone woes in recent games, how much the Gators achieve this season ultimately rests on No. 15’s shoulders. ”

Translation: If I were a woman I would throw myself at Tim Tebow immediately. Heck I might do it anyway…

So let me get this straight- the Hesiman, which is awarded to the best player in college football each year, is now awarded to the player who’s team does the best? Somehow can Ted Miller explain how Tebow won the Heisman then two years ago when his team finished 9-4, losing their bowl game to the victims of Appalachian State…Michigan? So if Tebow does well, he gets the Heisman. If he doesn’t do well but his team does well, then by golly he still gets the Heisman.

Oh, and guess what? Tebow is FIFTH on Miller’s list! THREE voters for ESPN put him at #1. THREE!! I don’t want to think about what their pathetic explanation could possibly be. If the obvious bias being shown Tebow isn’t screaming in your face by now, then I don’t know what could cause it. Well, maybe if the refs started throwing games for Florida…oh…wait…

I stand by my pick last week. Mark Ingram will win the Heisman. He deserves it. At least as of right now. Just don’t give it to Tebow. Or if you do, don’t call him a quarterback. Let’s call him what he is- a throwing full back, not a running quarterback. If Tebow gets the Heisman, I hope he gives it to Charlie Strong, the defensive coordinator for Florida. Goodness knows his abilities as a quarterback aren’t doing him any favors in that race right now.