Ethan, this one’s for you buddy

So those of you who have been consistent readers know better than to say stupid things to me in my comments. You are simply asking to be berated. Now criticize me all you want, but do so in a constructive way, or else you are asking for it. Well, Ethan, you were asking for it. Nothing constructive about your comments, just dumb. And dumb comments that are hateful in nature get dumb, hateful comments thrown right back. Except mine won’t be so dumb. Ready? Here we go.

Let’s start with Ethan’s first comment on our 2010 preseason rankings:

“You Arkansas people drive me crazy. Have you forgotten that not only were you close to being 10-3, you could just as easily have been a 3 win team!” –Sloppy Joe

Really? Our average margin of victory during the regular season was 28 points, with the smallest being a 17 point victory over South Carolina. I’ll give you the 3-point bowl victory in subzero temperatures, but how you think we could have lost 4 other games is beyond me, considering that you’d have to pick from games that were all won by at least 17 points. Maybe it’s just me, but I think you’re loony if you’d consider a two, three and four TD victory a “close game”, which is exactly what it would take for you to be right.

Ethan, I’m not referring here to the actual outcomes or performances. Think about it. If Arkansas barely lost to Florida, that means Florida barely beat Arkansas. Is that normal for Florida last year? Obviously not, seeing as how they played the rest of their schedule. So Florida had a bad game. It’s possible for anyone to have a bad game on any given day. Is it possible Arkansas got their wins on days they were playing really well or days their opponents just played really badly? Of course!

What you’re saying when you say “Oh we only lost by a couple points each time, we were almost undefeated!” Maybe, but think about it, what you are saying is you didn’t play well enough to win. So, on the games you win, couldn’t you say the other team just didn’t play well enough to win? So if they had, wouldn’t Arkansas have lost considerably more games? Just about every team they played was capable of beating them, just as they were capable of beating just about every team they played. That’s the beauty of college football. Arkansas darn well could have been a 10 win team last year. They also could have been a 3 win team last year. You never know who brings their A game each week. Things worked out how they did, but they didn’t have to.

Ethan then left these comments on our predictions page.

Damn! Dan seems to have been wrong more than he was right. Those are the WORST picks that I’ve ever seen.

Sloppy, you’re an idiot and it’s all posted here for the world to see. Despite all your tough talk about the SEC being over-rated, and how the Pac-10 and ACC conferences were “much stronger conferences”, The SEC proved you wrong in the bowls.

SEC 6-4
Pac-10 2-5
ACC 3-4

And that’s with the SEC having TWO teams in BCS games, including one playing for the national title.

Dude, you need to find something else to write about, because you don’t know your head from your ass.

Hey Ethan, did you see my season stats? 248-75. Did you see the computer’s stats? 249-74. Were my bowl picks very good? Nope, but just look a couple columns over and I’m sure you’ll see a few that were worse. Not to mention that on the back end we took point spreads into account and I nailed more of those than the computer. In fact, if you think mine are the worst picks you have ever seen, you ought to send me your picks each week next season. Then we can see what a whiny a-hole you are when yours are the worst picks anyone has ever seen.

You see the problem Ethan with SEC fans is that they can’t tell their head from their anything. In fact, they can’t tell anything from the SEC. You guys are all idiots. Never can admit you aren’t the best. Classic. Defying logic doesn’t make sense to me, but there you go.

So you want to take the bowl games as a test to see which conference was the best? Nice one, SEC loses, MWC wins. What a moron. Are you saying the MWC was the best conference in all of college football last year then? According to your senseless arguments they are. All hail the Mountain West, winner of the highest percentage of bowl games!

Did you even see who the SEC played? Clemson vs. Kentucky. You expect Kentucky to lose that one, and they did. Georgia vs. Texas A&M. You expect Georgia to win that one, and they did. Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee. You expect VT to win, and they did. Auburn vs. Northwestern. You expect Auburn to win, and they did. Penn State vs. LSU. LSU was ranked higher in the BCS and was projected by most to win…they didn’t. Florida vs. Cincinnati. No one gave Cincy much of a chance (except me and my awful picks). Florida won. Uconn vs. South Carolina. No clear favorite, but some gave Uconn the edge, others gave it to South Carolina. Uconn won. Ole Miss vs Oklahoma State. Cowboys were expected to win and lost. Alabama vs. Texas. Pretty even and Alabama wins.

Now tell me, how on earth did the SEC “prove” anything in the bowl season? Only one team was reasonably considered to lose who won, and that was Ole Miss. Everyone else who lost was expected to, everyone else who won was expected to. Not impressive. Look at the Pac 10. Oregon State gets BYU, a team ranked higher than them. Cal gets Utah, a team ranked higher than them. Arizona gets Nebraska, a team ranked higher than them. It’s no wonder they had a bad bowl season, they had to play pretty stiff competition.

The bowls don’t show the “power” of a conference at all. Look at the whole season and see how they did. I can say one thing for sure, I haven’t checked but if I had to guess I would say the SEC played more FCS schools than anyone. Want to look in to that?

The strength of a conference is measured by how the conference play goes according to some analysts. Following that, only 3 of 12 SEC teams finished with better than .500 conference records. Sounds like a good conference…two great teams and then a bunch of mediocrity. The Pac-10 had 6 teams finish above .500 in conference play. That tells me it was a pretty competitive conference. The ACC had 5 of 12. The MWC looked to be the most well rounded conference, so yet again, looks like they were the best conference in college football.

Anyway, this has been fun, but I hope you realize your senseless fanaticism for Arkansas and the SEC causes you to be selective in what you want to believe and accept. Face it, Hogs couldn’t play defense. I have no reason to believe they will this year. I could be wrong. But don’t get your panties in a twist because I said the SEC isn’t the Mt. Olympus of college football. Other teams can hold their own in the sport too.

Ethan I eagerly await your no doubt insightful response in the comments.