Final Thoughts On The 2015 Season

Wait…the season is over? As usual during the bowls, I lost track of everything. Does anyone else get that feeling? I had no interest whatsoever in any of the bowl games. It was too long after, I had forgotten about this season. Pretty forgettable I guess.

I did watch the title game, the only postseason game I saw. It was a good one too. Clemson really outplayed Alabama the whole game but screwed up on about 3 plays and it cost them the game. Three plays. Blocked field goal, kick return touchdown, interception. That’s it. Change those and Clemson wins because they handled Alabama at the line of scrimmage. It was a good game though…at least something this bowl season was. I saw a lot of scores that didn’t look like very good games.

And one of them was a playoff game involving the supposedly third best team in the country. Yeah…right. Great job committee. Oklahoma was third, Michigan State was fourth. Might have been more interesting at least. But oh well.

Christian McCaffrey got hosed at the Heisman ceremony. I don’t know what else he could have done besides play in the SEC which sucked this year. Florida played for the SEC championship. Yes, Florida. Alabama was truly tested all of once in league play, and they lost that game. But they have a reputation so voters gave it to the wrong guy. Oh well, McCaffrey is coming back next season.

The final rankings shouldn’t surprise anybody. Mine will reflect what actually happened on the field. All I can think about from this season though was the Hail Mary. I don’t remember seeing so many attempted and so many succeed before. That’s mostly how I’ll remember this season. No big twists, turns or surprises. Familiar faces ended up on top. But there were some crazy fun plays along the way.

So here are my final rankings if I were an AP voter:

1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Oklahoma
4. Stanford
5. Michigan State
6. Ohio State
7. Houston
8. Iowa
9. TCU
10. Notre Dame
11. Ole Miss
12. Baylor
13. Florida State
14. Utah
15. Michigan
16. North Carolina
17. Navy
18. LSU
19. Oregon
20. Oklahoma State
21. Wisconsin
22. Tennessee
23. Northwestern
24. Georgia
25. Toledo

See you next season!