For The Record, This is Going to be Upset Weekend

So if you follow the predictions you have noticed today I changed mine quite a bit. That’s because I’m clinging to a slim lead and picking every upset just isn’t prudent. So rather than put my money where my mouth is, I wanted to tell you all where my mouth is.

This is going to be upset central this weekend. Lots of road games for ranked teams. Lots of good opponents. Here’s how I see it in order of most to least likely of getting upset:

Texas Tech. Coming off big home win. Have to go on the road now and play against a real defense again. Uh oh.

Iowa State. Honestly, this isn’t even an upset. They are only ranked in the BCS because they are in the Big 12.

Kansas State. Going to visit a very pissed off and motivated West Virginia.

Cincinnati. Easy to overlook Toledo who is putting up their second great season in a row. Don’t underestimate the MAC this year.

Texas. They suck. They should always be on upset alert. I almost picked this one, except Baylor might be the only Big 12 team with a worse defense than Texas.

Clemson. Virginia Tech is down, yes, but this just feels like an upset.

Stanford. This is a big rivalry if you know anything about the Bay Area. Cal is on the rise, Stanford? Not as much.

Florida State. Because they can’t play a not close game with Miami.

Oregon. Short week, going on the road, Arizona State will give their best shot. Feels like an upset.

Florida. Would it really be an upset anyway? Only hope is that Marcus Lattimore might be out.

LSU. Texas A&M is pretty good, much better than expected. LSU hasn’t seen a QB like this yet, so it’s possible. But the A&M defense is a bit suspect.

Rutgers. You can’t be undefeated in the Big East forever. Temple showing they belong.

Oregon State. This new Cody Vaz kid seems pretty confident. Maybe a little too confident?

Notre Dame. Which Notre Dame offense will show up? Which BYU defense will show up? Has potential but could also be a blowout.

Alabama. Last year it went down to the wire with Tennessee. Probably won’t happen again but it’s been shown to happen.

Georgia. This has little chance. Maybe if Georgia is sleep walking looking ahead to next week. Doubt it though.

Louisville. In all reality this is probably the most likely because Louisville is so unpredictable. But the Bulls have had big time struggles so far so you can’t see this one really happening.

Oklahoma, USC, Boise State and Mississippi State don’t have any possible remote chance of being upset. But I’m going to be honest, in my original picks I called all of these upsets right up to Oregon, including the Ducks. I feel very confident we will see a lot of upsets or very near upsets this week. Not confident enough to pick that many officially. But don’t look so surprised if it happens.