Further evidence of prejudice against offensive linemen

Don’t read too much into the title, it’s just a joke.

Just a quick one here, folks. Perhaps you haven’t heard, but an Oregon State lineman got kicked off the team for being naked in another person’s apartment. Sure it’s funny to those of us who are casual observers, but this is a fairly serious offense. I mean, it was bad enough to get kicked off the team, which is apparently a realm that drunk driving and assaulting other players hasn’t lapsed into yet. Maybe it’s just that this kid wasn’t a top 100 recruit, or big-name player and thus wasn’t really worth cooking up more than one excuse for.

There’s really not much substance to the post except to ask that, aside from that recent film “The Blind Side,” why are offensive linemen only seen doing negative things? In game, the only time one ever hears an O-lineman’s name is after a ref throws the flag for holding or after a quarterback gets blindsided by an oncoming defender. Off the field of play, I daresay that this is the first time any O-Lineman has made the upper echelon’s of ESPN’s college football headlines, and it’s hard to imagine that he’d have even made it that far if he hadn’t been caught naked, a word which immediately catches the eye, and thus is in just about every headline regarding the story. I dunno, maybe the guy can get a job as a life model or something, considering that public nudity clearly isn’t much of a problem for him.