Further Evidence that the NCAA Answers to the BCS

The NCAA when it comes to the sport of College football is essentially a titular body, I know some of you are saying; “tell me something that we don’t know.” But the events of the last six months are conclusive evidence of this fact and it is because of this fact that we will not see a playoff in Division One college football. The BCS controls the NCAA as well as college football.
Exhibit A, four suspended players were allowed to play for Ohio St in the Sugar bowl. The issues which brought about the suspensions will ultimately be served this year during the NCAA regular season.

The NCAA rules are very clear when it comes to athletes receiving extra benefits and selling paraphernalia, whether or not you agree with them is not the issue, we have laws on the books that people may not agree with but when you violate them you are punished accordingly, and it is no different when it comes to the NCAA rule book except when (dot)(dot)(dot). The Sugar Bowl officials were alerted by the NCAA that there were violations committed by members of the Ohio St. football team. These violations would render those players ineligible, however the Sugar Bowl made the argument that if the players did not play the integrity of the bowl game would be compromised an argument that the NCAA bought allowing those players to play.

However the NCAA should have been more accurate in its explanation as to why the players were allowed to play which is this; that BCS bowl games do not fall under the purview of the NCAA, in fact as powerful as the NCAA is perceived to be, the BCS is all powerful. When what is in the best interest of the NCAA is weighed versus the best interest of the BCS the BCS is winning. It should be interesting that the integrity of the Sugar Bowl, which is really a game that has much bearing on the National Championship as the Colorado vs. Georgia game during the regular season last season, is a game that is a little more special in that it is a BCS Bowl game. If anyone recalls, I bring up the Colorado v. Georgia game because that was one of the games from which AJ Green, Georgia’s star receiver was suspended from, for selling a jersey to a Georgia booster after their bowl game the previous season. This first example should make this very clear the NCAA governs the regular season games while the BCS governs the postseason and in particular the BCS bowls.

Exhibit B USC was stripped of its 2005 BCS Championship/National Championship. Pat Hayden’s quote is very telling but read it carefully; “The BCS alerted us today that their presidents have voted to vacate USC’s 2005 BCS championship game victory. This was not an unexpected outcome. We will comply with all requirements mandated by the result of this BCS vote.”

Notice there is no mention of the NCAA, no reference to the NCAA violations which occurred but one would think with the NCAA violations which were uncovered, the losing of the National Championship would have been swiftly done. If one looks at College Basketball and two examples; The Fab Five era at Michigan and the Memphis team with Derrick Rose, the NCAA found those schools guilty of NCAA infractions and those schools were forced to vacate appearances in tournament games as soon as the ink dried on the report detailing the findings, heck New Mexico State University lost a Sweet 16 appearance in 1992 when NCAA sanctions were uncovered without much debate vote, or time elapsing, the difference between the post seasons in College basketball and College Football is one is sanctioned by the NCAA (Basketball).

Exhibit C, Speaking of USC, Joe McKnight, USC running back, was suspended by the NCAA for the Emerald bowl in 2009. McKnight was the Trojans’ leading rusher and a huge part of the Trojan offense in fact you could make the argument that USC losing McKnight was a huge blow and would upset the integrity of this bowl game but the Emerald bowl is not a BCS bowl game, and therefore is not high on the list of money making bowl games for the BCS.

Okay what does all of this mean? What this means is that if you did not know before, you should know this now, the BCS owns college football. If the NCAA is a puppet, the BCS is pulling the strings, the moves made have less to do with the fans and more to do with the BCS and making money. The BCS gives the NCAA and specifically AQ conferences a boatload of cash, and so there is no motivation for the system to be changed. The BCS makes money from advertisers, who know that fans will watch the most marketable programs duel in games that do not happen yearly. How many times has the match up in BCS bowl games (other than the Rose Bowl) been between programs that have not played each other in many years, if ever, does anybody think that is an accident? If a Fiesta bowl for instance were between programs with some familiarity there is a belief that fans will not feel the urgency to buy tickets, travel to the game, spend money etc.

The BCS is the reason why there will not be a playoff in college football, the amount of money that the BCS has given to those involved in college football clouds the decision making of those who are involved. This is why the BCS controls college football, and until this situation changes there will never be fairness and equality and most importantly a playoff in college football.