Head coaches on the hot seat

Every year fan bases look at their program’s schedules and start penciling trips to BCS bowl games there are however some programs that look at where their programs are and ask themselves “can we get better?” The easiest thing that coaches can change is the coaching which could change the overall direction of the program.
There are coaches who’s seats are warm and will get hotter as the season draws on if the Coaches on the hot seat

10. Les Miles, LSU Why? Les Miles is 51-14, good record actually great record and couple that with a national championship he should be okay but, count me as one of those who never understood what Les Miles had done to warrant getting a good job at an SEC school, he was okay at Oklahoma St. in fact he was 28-21 hardly world beating numbers, and with that record earned the job at LSU. He won his national championship with Nick “Satan’s” recruits. Les may beat everyone to the punch cut a deal with his alma mater after Rich Rod gets sent a packin’. ( question you wonder if two programs could trade coaches Rich Rod goes back to Louisiana to coach at LSU (he was an assistant at Tulane) and The Mad Hatter goes home, after all “a Michigan man should coach Michigan men!”

9. Pat Hill, Fresno St. Why? Fresno St is a good program but should be challenging for the conference championship every year in the WAC but they are usually behind Boise St. and Nevada. It seems the Dogs show up versus programs in BCS conferences but mail it in versus the WAC. With that said if the administration gets rid of Hill it would be a HUGE mistake. Hill is 100-66 and has built a consistent program. Hill is the longest tenured division one head coach in the State of California. If Fresno State gets too greedy and gets rid of Hill some program will get a gem. Maybe he resigns and takes a job at a Pac-10 program like Washington St or Arizona St in the next two years.

8. Ralph Friegen, Maryland Why? 2-10 last year should have “Big Boy’s” ample hynie feeling quite warm. Maryland seems to have at least one first rounder on the roster and they never seem to be in contention for a division or conference championship. By the way does anybody know what the rhyme or reason for the divisions in the ACC.

7. Tom O’Brien, NC State Why? He left BC for a program where he could be a consistent winner, in his first three years he is 16-21 and BC’s record has been better. NC St hired him away to make runs at Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech instead they are making runs at Duke. Year four is key.

6. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina Why? Steve “Superior” has been anything but, you almost wonder with the success that Urban Meyer has enjoyed at Florida that the old Ball coach has been a little overrated. Spurrier’s record has been a quite pedestrian 35-28 in his tenure. Spurrier left the NFL because he does not want to work tirelessly, however it seems he is being outworked in the college ranks by Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, Mark Richt which is bad because those are the three coaches he has to climb over to win at the very least the SEC east.

5. Randy Shannon, Miami Why? Shannon has posted a record of 21-17 at the “U” he is a link to the golden age of Miami football, but 21-17 at Miami is not an acceptable record for a program used to dancing and stomping its way to winning national championships. Miami needs to post nine win season especially with boosters like Donald Trump stumping for Mike Leach.

4. Dennis Ericson, Arizona State Why? Dennis Ericson is 9-15 in the last two years. His best year was his first 10-3 with Dirk Koetter’s recruits. Arizona is where people go to retire, it almost seems like Dennis Ericson has retired as well. ASU fans are fair-weather fans and there are some grumblings by some that Lisa Love (ASU AD) needs to place a phone call to Mike Leach.

3. Mike Price, UTEP Why? Mike Price’s record is 34-38 overall at UTEP and 18-30 in the last four years. UTEP is not a great job and the AD may have a difficult time attracting a coach who is as proven a winner as Mike Price but right now Price is not winning lately. Granted UTEP is a difficult place to win consistently, not a lot of prep talent in El Paso and the major cities in Texas are at least eight hours away. Trying to attract recruits to El Paso is as difficult as it sounds.

2. Dan Hawkins, Colorado Why? 16-33 should say it all, lucky for “Hawk” that the administration at Colorado has treated the football program like an intramural program. Remember when Hawkins let off the rant; “It’s division one football! It’s the big twelve. Go play intramurals brother!” Little did he know he was being prophetic in that his teams would have trouble being competitive in intramural leagues at other Big-12 schools.

1. Ron Zook, Illinois Why? The Zooker is 21-39 at Illinois, Big 10 coaches at other schools don’t last with a 21-39 record. Illinois is a school that might want to bring in “Mike the Pirate”. Illinois has good facilities, and should be a top tier Big 10 program every year.