How The Committee Screwed Up Big Time

The season is over. Bowl matchups are in. And they suck. Here’s the thing. The choices made by the committee don’t make any sense.

Let’s start with the playoff. Alabama is the obvious number one. Clemson is the obvious number two. And I think Washington is an obvious pick as well. But Ohio State? That’s debatable.

Let’s look at the facts. Penn State beat Ohio State and won the conference. Ohio State got a lucky call in 2OT to beat Michigan. Ohio State barely got past Michigan State. The committee just said loud and clear that your conference doesn’t matter. So what happened?

One words for you folks: Pitt. Penn State had a non-conference loss to Pitt (a good team who beat Clemson as well) while Ohio State had a big non-conference win over the Big 12 champs. Washington? They had the easiest non-conference in all the land besides Baylor. See the trend the committee is creating here?

No one is going to take the risk on big non-conference games anymore. If a non-conference loss can knock you out of the playoff even when you win your conference and beat the team representing your conference in the playoff, then those games will vanish. Ohio State took a big risk in scheduling OU and it paid off. Penn State took what would seem like less of a risk in Pitt and got screwed for it.

So the future of non-conference scheduling will be mitigating risk. The big guys won’t play each other anymore. Need more proof? Let’s move on.

How is Florida State in the Orange Bowl and not Louisville? Both teams had 3 losses. But guess what? Louisville only lost one conference game to Clemson. The other two came in non-conference games against Houston and Kentucky. What did the committee say yet again? You are punished for non-conference losses, not conference losses. To make matters worse, Louisville absolutely crushed Florida State when they played head to head this season. That right there is an utter travesty and huge mistake by the committee.

And the Rose Bowl…why is USC playing in it? Colorado won the division. Now let’s get one thing straight. If there had been no conference championship game then Colorado would be in the Rose Bowl right now. They are being punished for playing their own conference championship. And what other theme do we see here? Colorado lost non-conference to Michigan this year. What if they had scheduled a patsy instead? The committee apparently forgot USC got smothered by Alabama in the season opener. At least USC makes a case because they beat Colorado head to head. But again, Louisville beat Florida State. There’s no consistency here. And there’s no future motive for taking risks in the non-conference.

The Sugar Bowl looks to be a total snoozer as well. Oklahoma is going to murder Auburn. But Alabama was taken, so the committee had to find the second best team from the SEC. That must have been a tough task. I still don’t understand why Florida is being punished for playing in the conference championship. They had a better conference record than Auburn and won their division. How are they not in the Sugar Bowl?

This is just plain madness. I really don’t understand these bowl game matchups. They are poorly done. And most are not compelling. Also, as usual, there are way too many. Wake me up when Alabama wins the championship again.