Map Of Popular College Football Teams By Region

Facebook made a nifty map of college football that I thought you might like. It looks at the preseason top 25 teams and then breaks the country up by county. Each county gets a color, and that color is for the team most people who live there like in the top 25. Pretty interesting stuff.

A few interesting takeaways from this:

1. Oregon is immensely popular in just about all of the west. Outside of Boise State and USC, they own every western state for the most part.

2. Florida has a ton of fans in the northeast. No schools from that area are in the top 25, so that might explain it, but still, you would think that was Ohio State or Michigan country.

3. Texas seems to be the most popular team, covering lots of ground and random spots around the whole country.

4. Illinois is the state that lacks any real identity. About 10 different colors are in there. But Illinois isn’t in the top 25 so that might be why.

For those interested, here is the actual map: