Monday’s Quick Sloppy Seconds

So this was an exciting weekend in college football and I hope you got to see some games. Now for some analysis.

The playoff picture is coming in to focus while the Heisman race is blurring. Right now here is how I would see things playing out with the conferences:

SEC champion: Alabama over Florida
Pac-12 champion: Stanford over Utah
Big Ten champion: Ohio State over Iowa
Big 12 champion: Oklahoma
ACC champion: Clemson over North Carolina
Playoff: (1) Clemson vs (4) Oklahoma and (2) Alabama vs (3) Ohio State
Championship: Alabama over Oklahoma

Pac-12 is definitely getting left out of the playoff at this point. If Clemson drops a game and Notre Dame wins out, the ACC could get left out too. If Baylor ends up winning the Big 12, Clemson loses one and Notre Dame wins out, then I don’t envy the position of the committee. Not one bit.

But how things are going now, Alabama looks unstoppable. They have things figured out. Clemson still has a soft schedule and close games with their better competition, so I don’t see them holding up in the playoff. Ohio State has too many weaknesses. Oklahoma is peaking at the right time and I think will win out. But we’ll see.

Right now I predict the Heisman ceremony will be attended by Derrick Henry, Leonard Fournette, Ezekiel Elliot, Deshaun Watson and Baker Mayfield. The winner? It’s looking like Derrick Henry will take it, but I would keep an eye on Baker Mayfield who is playing really well and gets some great competition in his final weeks to make a statement.

If I were on the playoff committee, this is how I would rank the teams right now:

1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Ohio State
4. Oklahoma State
5. Iowa
6. Oklahoma
7. Notre Dame
8. Michigan State
9. Florida
10. Baylor
11. Houston
12. North Carolina
13. TCU
14. Michigan
15. Northwestern
16. LSU
17. Stanford
18. Florida State
19. Utah
20. Navy
21. Wisconsin
22. Oregon
23. Toledo
24. USC
25. Ole Miss

For the New Year’s Bowls, here’s what I think:

Orange Bowl: Clemson vs Oklahoma
Cotton Bowl: Alabama vs Ohio State
Rose Bowl: Stanford vs Michigan State
Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame vs Baylor
Sugar Bowl: Oklahoma State vs Florida
Peach Bowl: Houston vs Iowa