Monday’s Sloppy Seconds

Well enough has been written and said about the wild ending of Michigan against Michigan State. Poor punter. That dude probably didn’t show up to classes today. But more happened in the world of college football and it impacted that playoff race.

First, what happened to the Pac-12? Only Stanford, Cal and Utah look like contenders anymore. Utah has the south all but locked up. They have no losses and everyone else has 2 conference losses. Crazy that UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State and USC were all ranked. Still a good division and conference, so Utah better watch out. Anyone can beat anyone else there. But we see the separation now, and the Pac-12 really has 3 contenders to rep it in the playoff. My money is on Utah right now.

The Big 12 is still crazy as ever. Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma all have yet to play each other. If any one of those three can run the table against the other three, they are in the playoff. I don’t see that happening. Each of them loses a game before the end of the season. Still a strong conference, with Texas Tech and West Virginia holding the middle and everyone else falling to the bottom. But with those four on top, I don’t see how the Big 12 champ gets left out.

The SEC is looking more interesting each weekend. This is really a three team conference. LSU and Alabama are the contenders in the west and Florida in the east. Texas A&M is a pretender for sure. Ole Miss lacks consistency. By the time this season is over I can guarantee you that LSU or Alabama will be playing Florida for the SEC champion, and one of them will beat the Gators and go to the playoff. We’ll have to wait and see who it is though.

The ACC still looks like a bunch of mediocre teams. Florida State and Clemson are obviously riding high, but Pitt, Duke and North Carolina all look decent. The winner of the Clemson-Florida State game will be in the ACC championship against one of those three who will probably be ranked by then. Should be interesting how it plays out. Here’s my prediction:

SEC champion: LSU over Florida
Pac-12 champion: Utah over Stanford
Big Ten champion: Ohio State over Iowa
Big 12 champion: Baylor
ACC champion: Clemson over Duke
Playoff: (1) LSU vs (4) Ohio State and (2) Baylor vs (3) Utah
Championship: LSU over Baylor

I actually think LSU and Baylor will both run the table while Utah, Ohio State and Clemson will each have a loss. Call me crazy.

My pick for Heisman right now is still Leonard Fournette. A few other players are making good cases, but it’s the LSU back far and away right now.

If I were an AP voter this would be my ballot this week:

1. LSU
2. Baylor
3. Utah
4. Clemson
5. TCU
6. Ohio State
7. Florida State
8. Michigan State
9. Alabama
10. Oklahoma State
11. Florida
12. Oklahoma
13. Notre Dame
14. Stanford
15. Iowa
16. Texas A&M
17. Memphis
18. Cal
19. Temple
20. Toledo
21. Houston
22. Michigan
23. Pitt
24. Ole Miss
25. Northwestern