Monday’s Sloppy Seconds

Well that was quite a weekend in college football. Apparently the experts don’t really know who the best teams are. And they appear to have short term memory loss as Alabama is ranked ahead of Ole Miss in literally every poll on earth. My how quickly they forget.

In other news, Michigan might be for real, Michigan State might not. The Oklahoma schools could end up being the big 2 of the Big 12, not TCU and Baylor. Florida might win the SEC east and not Georgia. Utah is the highest ranked team in the Pac 12. What’s going on here?

That’s chaos, and I happen to love it. Makes things more exciting. Many of my rankings and predictions have to be moved around to adapt to the many changes we saw this weekend. But a few things won’t change.

First, Fournette is still my Heisman pick and probably will be the whole season. No one else is close.

Second, conference predictions:

SEC champion: LSU over Georgia (yeah that’s not changing, sorry Florida)
Pac-12 champion: USC over Stanford
Big Ten champion: Ohio State over Iowa
Big 12 champion: Baylor
ACC champion: Clemson over Duke
Playoff: (1) LSU vs (4) Ohio State and (2) Baylor vs (3) USC
Championship: LSU over Baylor

I predict Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State will each end up losing to each other and finish in a 3 way tie atop their division. Michigan will be out due to their Utah loss and Ohio State gets in because head to head they beat the Spartans. But we’ll see.

If I were an AP voter this would be my ballot this week:

1. LSU
2. Utah
3. Baylor
4. TCU
5. Clemson
6. Oklahoma
7. Michigan State
8. Ohio State
9. Florida State
10. Florida
11. Ole Miss
12. Alabama
13. Northwestern
14. Texas A&M
15. Stanford
16. USC
17. Oklahoma State
18. Cal
19. Michigan
20. Notre Dame
21. Temple
22. UCLA
23. Iowa
24. Georgia
25. Toledo