More On a Playoff Plus More Conference Realignment

I know we have all been focused on the demise of the BCS, and rightfully so, but it has been an eventful week in college football. First we heard about the end of the BCS and the dawn of a playoff in college football. Then we had the NFL draft. Now we hear there is more conference realignment going on. And that’s only the beginning.

First, for those interested in the playoff developments, this video talks about it in a bit of detail:

Now, for those interested in the draft, check out ESPN’s coverage for more info.

And for those interest in conference realignment, read on.

San Jose State and Utah State of the WAC are set to join the MWC to replace Boise State and San Diego State, departing for the Big East in 2013. Rumor has it Louisiana Tech will be leaving the WAC for C-USA as well.

Remember that the MWC and C-USA have a merger of sorts worked out. Their champions will play each other each year and they will use each other to fill up some of their non-conference games. There’s really nothing wrong with this, except that there isn’t a decent team in either conference anymore. But that’s beside the point.

Clearly the point was to earn BCS favor. A tried and tested champion from one of these conference would surely be worthy of a BCS spot each year was the mentality. With a playoff on the horizon in 2014, a lot of that becomes meaningless. But that changes a lot of other things as well, like…

The Big East. How will they survive? Do you think for one second that Boise State or San Diego State has any interest in joining a geographical abomination of a conference if no automatic bid is up for grabs? They wanted an auto BCS bid and more money. Now neither will be available, mostly because no team from the Big East will ever be in the playoff. It’s going to be two SEC teams and the champions from the Pac-12, Big Ten, Big 12 or ACC, two of them each year. Plain and simple. Big East is over.

So what about Boise State? Well, it would be easier to get a top 4 spot by rejoining the MWC and running the table and beating the C-USA champ each year. Way easier than the travel and competition in the Big East. Well, to be honest both conferences will suck. But if all you want to do is run the table, why bother with the Big East? Just stay put and play your pathetic neighbors instead of pathetic schools thousands of miles away.

Watch for conference realignment to kick into full gear again, mostly among the mid majors. The WAC will merge with the Big West. The Sun Belt will go away after C-USA plunders them. The MWC and C-USA will do their merge thing. People will continue to ignore the MAC and not be able to name more than one team in the entire conference.

But the Big East will be a player in realignment because the allure of the conference is now gone. Why will anyone want to waste all that money on travel expenses? They won’t, so they aren’t going to.

Either way, this is only proof of what I have been talking about. As soon as there was an opportunity to position yourself better in the BCS and make more money, you did it. Now that the BCS has changed again, people will reposition themselves for maximum benefit, proving once and for all that all this conference realignment and the elimination of historic rivalries was all because of the BCS. Thanks BCS, it only took you forever to figure out a playoff was the way to go and you ruined college football in the meantime.