MWC Playoff Proposal Gains No Traction

As expected, when the BCS met recently in Colorado, the MWC playoff proposal was given all of five seconds attention. But I have two thoughts on the issue here- one good and one bad about this playoff proposal.

The MWC made a huge mistake. Their proposal favored no one except themselves, was poorly constructed, and was quite simply designed with arbitrary numbers to allow the MWC an automatic bid into the BCS arena. For shame…

But that fact remains it was given no real attention from the BCS. They don’t pay any attention at all to a college football playoff proposal no matter how good or bad. They are stubbornly against it.

But the MWC could have done themselves some favors by at least collaborating with the WAC, the only other BCS buster. They really ought to present a proposal that benefits the sport, not themselves. That includes all the non-BCS conferences. Of course, our proposal kicks butt, but it’s not like the BCS is changing any time soon. We can keep hoping though. Let’s just hope the next time a non-BCS conference makes any such proposal they do it for the good of college football, not the good of their conference.