My Diagnosis for Tim Tebow- Humility

Well, well, well…I hate to be the one to say I told you so Urban Meyer, but… I TOLD YOU SO! Teach you to leave Tebow in the third quarter when you easily have the game in the bag. That’s what you get for your vain attempt to run up the score. Too bad Tebow now suffers because Urban Meyer is a greedy, selfish coach. Try thinking of your players first for once. But hey, it’s not all bad, and here’s why.

Urban Meyer had Tebow run waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. That’s why the guy was a flop of an NFL pick. No one wanted him. Projected 5th round pick was generous. He would simply get hammered in the pros playing as a running quarterback who runs through people and not around them. I tried to warn Meyer, he had to mentor and train Tebow this year to be a pro quarterback. This was his NFL audition.

But of course Urban Meyer never listened to me. I’m sure that’s because he has no idea who I am and doesn’t know my blog exists, but no matter, I’m sure someone else told him. Now old “Superman” has found his kryptonite, ironically, when he wasn’t running. But it should serve as a wake up call that he isn’t invincible. Meyer- stop running Tebow for 45% of his snaps. You’re not doing him any favors, I’ll say that right now. Proof is in the pudding. Now that he has one big concussion, the next one is more likely and inevitable with his style of play, ask Steve Young.

Oh, you think he didn’t get a concussion? As someone who has had two, let me tell you, he got a concussion. Did you catch the shot of him puking uncontrollably as he left in a golf cart? Did you see the coaches testing his alertness and him failing miserable on the sideline? Guarantee you Tebow was seeing the white spots, and that’s why he went to the hospital. They won’t call it a concussion, they won’t say what really happened, because then “Superman” seems vulnerable, and teams will try and capitalize.

But believe me, Tebow got a concussion. It was going to happen sooner or later, just ironic that it was a play he wasn’t running and it was from his own player. And no, it wasn’t a dirty hit. The Kentucky guy did not go helmet to helmet, so don’t blame him, it was a good clean sack.

At any rate, I hope Meyer and Tebow have learned their lesson. A quarterback’s body isn’t something to throw around to some linebackers. No quarterback is invincible. Maybe now Tebow will pass more and make a good case to get into the NFL. We’ll see…