New Predictions & Other Thoughts

For anyone following, my new NFL picks for this week are up and the numbers are starting to get more accurate. I’ve also updated our weekly college football predictions so be sure to give those a gander. As far as the state of college football, I have proved yet again why you should always assume the opposite of what I say. I went an embarrassing 11-7 in my picks last week and my analysis was completely off. But hey, I’m still up on everyone for the season so sometimes I get it right.

This week’s games show a few interesting ones. Last week’s slate of games didn’t turn out to be as interesting as advertised, but the ones that were supposed to be easy wins turned things upside down (looking at you Florida State). Plus yours truly accurately predicted the downfall of TCU which happened on cue.

As far as this week, Alabama at Missouri is an interesting matchup. Missouri was able to hang with Georgia for three quarters at home. But now that doesn’t seem like much of an accomplishment anymore. So while I was leaning towards picking this upset (Alabama has had a week off, extra rusty) I think it’s safe to say the Tigers aren’t having too much fun in their first SEC season. Big Ten would have been better for them after all.

South Carolina at LSU is billed as the game of the week. I don’t think so. Last week, South Carolina capitalized on Georgia not showing up for the first five minutes. It was 21-0 just like that. Final score? 35-7. So take away the first five minutes and it was only a 14-7 game. Still an impressive win, but South Carolina only beat Vanderbilt on the road by 3 and that thanks to a blown pass interference call. On the road it will be Connor Shaw who won’t be able to hear himself think. And LSU at home is darn near impossible to beat. And LSU has something to prove. South Carolina will come out flat. This will not be close and I expect LSU to lay the smack down on the “cocky” South Carolina squad. Pun intended.

Florida at Vanderbilt can be interesting. At home Vandy has been decent. They did beat Missouri and nearly upset South Carolina. Florida will be low energy big time. Plus get this: Vanderbilt is Florida’s last road game…of the entire season. Yup, you read that right. Florida has only THREE road games. The next five are at home. The final game against Florida State is a neutral site that is essentially a home game for both teams. You had better believe this is a trap of all trap games for Florida. I think they will still pull it off, but Vandy is throwing the kitchen sink at them Saturday.

West Virginia at Texas Tech should be about as interesting as Oklahoma at Texas Tech was last week. You recall I picked Texas Tech in that one. I almost picked them again because West Virginia uses their cheerleaders to play defense, so I thought the Red Raiders could put up some points. But Texas plays better offense and defense than Texas Tech. And it didn’t help them.

Kansas State at Iowa State is the one upset pick I regret not making this week. I really want to. Badly. But I don’t see Iowa State pulling off two upsets in a row like that. Still, off the upsets I did not pick, this is the most likely to happen in my opinion.

Stanford at Notre Dame should be another game where Stanford gets exposed as being not that good. Obviously the USC game was a fluke for both teams. Notre Dame at home will crush Stanford. And these Notre Dame seniors have never beaten the Cardinal. You know they want this game. Bad.

Oregon State at BYU was very interesting. First I heard Oregon State’s QB was out with season ending knee surgery. I picked BYU. Then I heard BYU’s backup was out for the season with knee surgery and their original starter was coming back for this game. I went back to Oregon State. Then I realized both teams can play defense but neither can play offense, compounded by their best QB’s not being available. This will be a sloppy, turnover filled game. Defense will win it. So I’m going BYU 2-0 after their defense gets the safety. Goodness knows there won’t be any points scored by either offense here. So when that all fails, pick the home team.

USC at Washington is going to be a close one. Washington always plays USC well at home under Sarkishian. But USC wants it more and Washington really isn’t that good this year.

Texas and Oklahoma should be pretty boring. Both teams have shown a flare for offense and have shown at times an ability to play defense. But neither has been super consistent and so this game will probably get sloppy. And with both teams already sitting on a loss, no national title implications here so it won’t be nearly as interesting unless you live in Texas or Oklahoma. Still, Texas has been better on offense so I’m going with them in this one.

Louisville at Pitt has upset written all over it. Pitt pulled it off at home against Virginia Tech. They have been much better since their 0-2 start. Louisville has struggled all season, winning all games by close margins and coming back every other week. Pitt gets the upset here.

Texas A&M at Louisiana Tech is a bit odd. At the beginning of the season if you had told me both teams would be ranked in this meeting I would have called you crazy. But here we are. This game was originally the first weekend but it got postponed by a hurricane. At any rate, Texas A&M hasn’t played anybody except Florida and they lost. They barely beat Ole Miss. But Louisiana Tech hasn’t played anybody period. They have allowed at least 24 points each game and scored at least 44 per game. What happens when they go against a real defense and a real offense? They don’t score 44 and give up more than 24, that’s what. It’s at Louisiana Tech but it won’t be enough.

Fresno State is headed to Boise State and every year those two go at it. They aren’t in the same conference any more but they still absolutely hate each other. Count on it to be close, but Boise State won’t lose at home.

The only interesting non-ranked matchup of teams is Duke at Virginia Tech. Duke is 5-1. Virginia Tech is 3-3. I’m pretty sure the last time Duke beat Virginia Tech was probably never. I sure hope they pull it off so that Virginia Tech is so thoroughly spanked that no idiot pollster would ever risk the embarrassment of ranking them in the preseason ever again.