NFL Draft 2009

The 2009 NFL Draft went mostly as many thought it would today. Matthew Stafford, the quarterback from Georgia, went to the Detroit Lions for a paycheck he’s never even imagined existed. Most players were taken as projected, except for Michael Crabtree. Not that he went “late” or anything, just later than most projected. Although No. 10 isn’t bad, he did get the misfortune of playing in the Bay Area. And no, I don’t mean those bullies from Oakland.

The Raiders took Maryland wide out Derrius Heyward-Bey. I thought he was very underrated and a good pick up, but he’s no Michael Crabtree. Plus, Oakland is a wide receivers dream job. You can have Jamarcus Russel throwing you the ball and Darren McFadden running it. There’s no clear star yet, so Crabtree could have become a franchise player and within 3 years people might fear going to Oakland again.

Instead he got picked up by San Francisco, a team that is in desperate need of a legit quarterback. Nothing makes a wide out feel worse than going to a team without an established quarterback. That’s going to be frustrating.

Other than that one, no big surprises. I would say the Packers, Broncos and Lions came out big in the draft. Of course, Denver had 5 picks in the first day, so that helps. I would say Oakland is in trouble so far, as they picked an inferior wide receiver of those available and only got one pick on the first day.

My biggest surprise was Kansas State QB Josh Freeman. He’s big and athletic, 6′ 6″ and second highest standing jump of all quarterbacks. But as a quarterback, c’mon, not great instincts. Good arm, but it ends there. They passed on Graham Harrel and Chase Daniel for him. Not a smart move in my opinion. Although he has the size to succeed, I doubt he will be a franchise player. I’m sure the guys on ESPN were saying the same things more or less.

Mark Sanchez went to the Jets, who traded up to get him. That should be interesting. What is really interesting is that USC lost all their linebackers and QB in the draft. This year will be a big test for them. Hopefully tomorrow shows some more of our college boys getting in with teams that are a good fit.