Nick Saban Lays Groundwork For A Better League

In case you missed it a few days ago, Nick Saban said something that should have made bigger headlines than he did. It was pretty incredible. What did he say? He suggested that the five power leagues simply play each other in their non conference schedules. That’s it. Such a great idea. And he should know. Alabama did play Western Carolina, Chatanooga and other cupcakes. Then again, every SEC team has this type of non conference game every year. He even suggested moving to a 9 game conference schedule. I think there is a better way.

For those living under a rock, the five power conferences are now the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, ACC and Pac 12. They are simply on a different level than all the others. The Big East and MWC are a step below them. The MAC is another step down. The Sun Belt and CUSA are bottom of the barrel.

So how can Saban’s plan work? Simple. Every team in the big 5 plays 8 conference games. Period. Then every team plays 4 non conference games. The beauty of it? If each team plays one team from the other power leagues, that’s four games. Two at home and two on the road. If an SEC team plays a Pac 12 team at home and a Big Ten team at home then plays a Big 12 team away and an ACC team away, then they switch it up the following year and play different teams from those leagues. Every 12 years or so each team plays each other team in each conference. Each big one anyway.

How sweet would that be? Only problem would be independents. Oh well, guess they have to join a conference. BYU goes to the Big 12, Notre Dame to the ACC and the others don’t matter anyway. Probably never going to happen. Not very realistic. But it would improve things quite a bit. Maybe we could start by saying no more FCS opponents for FBS teams. I know to move from FCS to FBS that you have to play at least 6 FBS teams, but they will just have to change that rule. It’s ridiculous. Do we even need more teams moving up anyway?

May be a pipe dream but Saban is on to something. Sure would be nice if the patsy game was eliminated from all schedules so every team played a 12 game schedule, a real schedule.