Notre Dame Is On The Move And Other Thoughts

If you ever visit or follow the college sports scene in the slightest you have no doubt heard by now some big news. Notre Dame, who plays football as an independent, is moving all of its sports minus football from the Big East to the ACC. It’s a pretty big move for several reasons, and not one I would have expected had it not been for certain things playing out.

First, this only happened because we’re getting a playoff in 2014. Plain and simple. Had the BCS been given full reign indefinitely Notre Dame would have put its football team in a conference because you just had to do that. At that rate the only conference that would have worked would have been the Big 12 because Notre Dame could keep their NBC deal and their strategic partnership with BYU who also could have joined the Big 12 and kept their BYUTV network. But with a playoff coming, football independence is almost better than being in a conference. You can pick your schedule. Picking 12 of your games instead of 4 of your games has its advantages.

So with that Notre Dame didn’t need to move it’s football program. But look at the Big East. Do you think Notre Dame had any interest in playing basketball each year against the likes of Boise State, Houston or UCF? The Big East used to at least be known as a basketball conference. It was hardly that with its recent losses. Notre Dame was smart to jump off the sinking ship the Big East has become. In the ACC you will now have Duke, North Carolina, Syracuse, Pitt, Notre Dame and Florida State all in the same conference. Not too shabby for basketball at all. So good move for Notre Dame.

In other thoughts, College GameDay on ESPN is once again going to (gasp!) an SEC game! Three for three now on being at an SEC team playing. And second straight week of Florida. Great, let’s give the guys at ESPN another reason to talk about Tim Tebow, we don’t hear enough about how good he was and what he meant to Florida. GameDay should follow Florida the rest of the season and remind us how amazing Tim Tebow was every time in case we forgot from the week before.

This is just ludicrous. You have Notre Dame at Michigan State, USC at Stanford, Alabama at Arkansas, BYU at Utah…and you go to Florida at Tennessee? And how did Tennessee even get ranked in the AP Poll? Did ESPN pay off a bunch of sports writers? They are unranked by a majority of the voters, but a vote at 13 and another at 15 were enough to push them in at 23. This whole thing just reeks if you ask me. I for one will not be watching GameDay this week.

What has everyone thought of the season so far? Upset central last week. Looks like Arkansas is not for real. Looks like the entire Big Ten is not for real. We already knew Oklahoma State wasn’t for real (I was the only one to pick that upset) but at least everyone else knows now. Who else isn’t for real in the top 25? I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but Tennessee shouldn’t get too comfortable in that top 25 spot. Neither should Florida for that matter. The SEC may be a great conference but you can only get away with ranking all of them in the top 25 for so long.

Anyone else perplexed that the coaches ranked Wisconsin at 22, 11 spots ahead of the Oregon State team that just beat them? Apparently Wisconsin’s week 1 win against Northern Iowa (26-21 at home) was impressive enough to warrant staying 11 spots ahead of the team that just beat them in thus far their only game of the season. Yup, those coaches sure know what they are doing. And for two more years they are still going to be the ones picking who plays for the national championship.

Want to know something even more perplexing in the coaches poll? Washington picked up two votes despite being bludgeoned like a baby seal at the hands of LSU. Apparently kicking a field goal against LSU and holding them to 41 points is worth two votes for #25. But wait…North Texas held LSU to 41 the week before and put up 14 points…why no love from the coaches?

And the coaches who most recently thought Arkansas was one of the ten best teams in the country only gave Louisiana Monroe ONE vote for that upset? At least Arkansas didn’t get a single vote. But still. I guess they are chalking it up to Arkansas sucked really badly all along. Which makes you wonder what the sense of a preseason poll is in the first place…

That’s all for now, here’s to hoping we have another great week of games!