Off Season Updates

Wow and wow again. Anyone staying up on the college football news? If not you missed two things recently. First, in what can barely be classified as news, the Big East has been renamed the “American Athletic Conference.” I gave them much better suggestions, but oh well. Secondly, turns out Auburn did a whole bunch of naughty things after all.

You may recall on these very pages years ago I called out Cam Newton and Auburn. I knew they were dirty. You knew they were dirty. Everyone knew the deal was dirty. But they couldn’t prove anything because they covered up their tracks a little too well. Remember, not being able to prove guilt does not by default prove innocence.

Well as it turns out, former coach Gene Chizik paid players NOT to enter the NFL draft. Even worse, Auburn actually altered grades of players just so they would be academically eligible to play! Full story is here.

What does this mean? First, it means we know for sure the circumstances surrounding Cam Newton’s arrival in Auburn are no doubt naughty. This proves what everyone already knew. Auburn would cheat and pay money to get what they wanted. Cat’s out of the hat now.

Second, this proves something else we already know: universities will change grades of players. Everyone does it. C’mon, look at some of the guys playing at Florida, Alabama or Ohio State. You think half those guys are academically eligible to play football? I guarantee you many universities are altering grades. Guarantee it. Auburn got caught. Only a matter of time before others do.

I certainly hope this leads to a forfeit of their national title as well as severe sanctions. This kind of crap should not be tolerated.