Ohio St., Jackie Chiles and What’s Next

It’s outrageous, egregious, preposterous.
-Jackie Chiles (Seinfeld)
Is anyone as shocked that Jim Tressel would resign two months prior to the season beginning. So the question that should be asked is; what new information is about to come out that would cause “Sir Seatervest” to fall on his sword for the good of the Buckeye nation.

There are allegations that players received improper benefits, including but not limited to cars, money, and services. The vest was made aware of some these “going ons” via e-mail, and word of mouth from those connected to the Buckeye program, allegedly, but chose to seek the nearest hole in the sand to bury his bespectacled head. There will be fan bases that will feel somewhat vindicated given the result of the last few weeks. There will be more than one fan of an SEC school that will point and laugh at “useless nut nation” as buckeye fan has been quick to point out to SEC fan after their many bowl losses to the fellas down south that; “even though we may lose to you, we do things the right way.” As if that somehow makes it okay for Ohio State to be publicly flogged when playing an SEC opponent.

Prior to Mondays news, it seemed as if Ohio St, Tressel and the college football world was set to move ahead with the season, even with the dark cloud of this NCAA investigation looming. This year would more than likely be the last run for Tressel and let’s be honest it is very possible that this year might be one that ultimately would be wiped from the record books; ala USC’s 2005 season, but it seemed as if all concerned were okay with the current situation. So this announcement seems odd and in particular the timing seems a little odd.

The belief is that Tressel resigned under pressure and but the question is, is the resignation the result of new facts coming to light. It would not be out of the realm of possibility that these facts are much more than players receiving some body art. It is very important that we remember this began with a raid on a tattoo parlor after an extensive criminal investigation, it was not some NCAA investigation which was triggered by some homesick tennis player making too many phone calls back home. This NCAA investigation started after the FBI and other law enforcement started looking into the books of a tattoo parlor and decided to raid said parlor with guns, raid jackets, and a warrant in hand. Meaning this is much bigger than a few tats with area codes and biblical quotations. This is the tip of the iceberg of what could be lurking in the investigatory shadows.

Which when it comes to criminal investigations and the FBI the true nature of criminal involvement will not be known for months as the Feds do not want their investigation compromised. Which begs the question what serious allegations, not just NCAA but legal, are about to come to light.

It’s lewd, vesivius, salacious, outrageous!
-Jackie Chiles