Playoff Predictions

I know we’re close to the end, but this is the home stretch. How do I think the playoff will shape out? Here’s how.

#1 Seed- Alabama

I think they finish undefeated. They will be the most uncontroversial one seed in the short history of the playoff.

#2 Seed- Ohio State

This could just as easily be Michigan. Really whoever wins that game is getting the #2 seed, no questions asked.

#3 Seed- Clemson

Their rivalry game with South Carolina should be a cake walk. The ACC Championship isn’t looking formidable either.

#4 Seed- Oklahoma

I think the lack of a conference championship game will save the Big 12 this year. Oklahoma will finish with two losses, picking up wins against West Virginia and Oklahoma State to vault them to number four. Washington will lose in the Pac-12 championship game to a three loss Colorado team.

Alabama and Ohio State will cruise in the semi-finals and play for the championship. Who will win? I’m not sure. I’ll make a prediction once I see the semi-final games. Either way it should be a great game.