Saturday in Review 10/9/10

Sorry this one is so late, so I’ll just hit some fairly random points, rather than doing the normal Top 25 rundown. So, without further ado, imagine this as a really long and weirder than average tales from the Bottom 95 which just happens to include more than the Bottom 95. Moving right along:

Alabama’s loss to South Carolina wasn’t all that surprising. Sure, it’s great that South Carolina won, but Alabama is still a darn fine team who just happened to come off of a brutal 3 game schedule. That, and they haven’t looked that impressive on the road this season. So it remains to be seen if they can right the ship. Odds says they can, but a one-loss Alabama team should not jump over an undefeated Ohio State or Oregon or Boise State or Nebraska squad. If they do, then I’ll be leading the mob that burns down BCS HQ. Because the SEC doesn’t look as intimidating as it used to.

Case in point: Florida losing to LSU. Les Miles is the luckiest sonofagun under the sun, and he has proven this for 2 consecutive weeks with narrow escapes, though this one is at least against a decent team. And Florida’s orange jerseys suck.

Auburn narrowly escaped Kentucky, so I’m curious as to how good they really are. Maybe Alabama teams just can’t play on the road.

Boise State and TCU destroyed their opponents, big freakin’ surprise.

Big Top 10 upset: Arizona loses to Oregon State. Not sure what this teaches us. I guess there’s parity in the Pac-10, or Iowa was just overrated, or the blind squirrel found an acorn a while back. Either way…that was the major one.

Maybe the lack of road presence in the SEC is contagious, Arkansas barely escaped Texas A&M, narrowly beating an unranked squad from a theoretically inferior conference. No, I don’t care about the “12th man” making life hard, if you have trouble on the road against a bad team, Arkansas, then you’re screwed on your road trips to Auburn and South Carolina.

Florida State hammered Miami. The ACC continues to depress.

Wisconsin and Minnesota nearly had a fight. I don’t care what the card said, coach, you don’t go for 2 when you’re up by that much. Anyone who tries to defend this decision will get yelled at by yours truly. Minnesota’s already bad, and it’s not like you were avenging them running up the score on you last season. In fact, unless you’re “avenging” the 1990 Wisconsin squad that got beaten 21-3, this was just a flat out classless maneuver.

Dear Michigan,

Told you so.


San Jose State played their 4th ranked opponent in 6 games. They did the same thing they did every other time: they lost.

Southern Cal dropped their second straight, though this one was a squeaker with Stanford. Pity that it doesn’t matter this year.

Hat goes off to Ohio State who hammered Indiana. Good job, and congrats on your brand new #1 ranking. Now, try playing more than 1 meaningful road game per season.

Bottom 95 stuff: Virginia Tech won again…Tennessee got killed by Georgia, thus keeping the effigies of Mark Richt down to a manageable level this week…Penn State got hammered in Happy Valley by Illinois, so times are dark for JoePa…Clemson dropped one to North Carolina. Seriously looking forward to Dabo Swinney’s firing….Florida International won their first game…Navy beat Wake Forest. No one cares…Vandy beat Eastern Michigan, thereby proving absolutely nothing…Cincinnati won the battle with Miami (Ohio), meaning that Miami is officially the worst team in Ohio. I think…New Mexico State beat New Mexico 16-14 in a battle of particularly bad teams…Hawaii actually had to go to a road game. That sucks for them…