SEC vs Pac 10 Showdown

I believe the world is full of hater and overraters. Most delusional fans tend to overrate their own team and just hate everyone else for no other reason than they aren’t a fan. Conference fans are exceptionally rabid. Every SEC fan is a huge overrater while there are plenty of SEC haters out there. Since I am fan of all and none, I will look objectively at why I feel the Pac-10 is the strongest conference this year and not the SEC. Although I will say this to start- the SEC just moved into a solid number 2 after spanking the ACC in three games this weekend.

First of all, exactly 50% of the Pac-10 conference is ranked right now and 25% of the SEC is ranked. The ranked teams in the SEC are the only three with a winning conference record. Six out of ten teams in the Pac-10 will finish with a winning conference record. this tells me that as far as inter-conference play goes, the Pac-10 has some clear stars and the SEC is filled with mediocrity.

Now look at non conference schedules. The SEC has a high winning percentage, but with inflated scheduling. Charleston Southern? Chattanooga? The Pac-10 as a conference played 30 non conference games this year. 15 of those games were against teams from BCS conferences. 9 of those 15 were on the road. One of those on the road was also at an SEC opponent…and the Pac-10 team won. The Pac-10 is sending 7 out of 10 teams bowling and the SEC is sending 10 out of 12. So both teams got wins. But the Pac-10 did it against much tougher competition. And they did it on the road. The SEC non-conference schedule doesn’t compare.

Now look at the teams matched up. Its hard to matchup two conferences when they don’t have the same number of teams though. The only fair way to do it in my book is drop the best and worst from the SEC so they are down to 10 teams. Now stack rank them and have them play each other. Let’s look at those matchups:

1. Oregon vs Alabama- speed vs. strength, classic matchup. I give Alabama the edge.
2. Oregon State vs LSU- LSU has struggled against teams with a running game. Edge to Oregon State
3. Stanford vs Ole Miss- this would be a blowout. Edge to Stanford.
4. USC vs Tennessee- The Vols couldn’t beat UCLA, much less USC. Edge to USC.
5. Cal vs Georgia- I would actually love to see this game. Edge is even.
6. Arizona vs Auburn- neither team can win a big game. Edge is even.
7. UCLA vs South Carolina- Gamecocks couldn’t beat Tennessee, who couldn’t beat UCLA. Edge to UCLA.
8. Washington vs Arkansas- two impressive quarterbacks, but Washington plays defense. Edge to Washington.
9. Arizona State vs Kentucky- Sun Devils have really struggled this year. Edge to Kentucky.
10. Washington State vs Mississippi State- Wouldn’t even be close, but Washington State vs Vandy would be. Edge to Mississippi State.

I would say of the 10 matchups, 5 go to Pac-10, 3 to SEC and 2 are a tossup. Split them and you have Pac-10 six and SEC four. Should note that Georgia did squeak past Arizona State and LSU beat Washington this year. I don’t think there were any other SEC and Pac-10 matchups, but I could be wrong. Either way, however you look at it, the Pac-10 looks like the strongest conference this year to me. We’ll have to see how the bowls shake out until we make a strong conclusion.