Sloppy Seconds And Thoughts On The Standings

Whoa, did you hear that? That was the sound of the Heisman Trophy zooming past Geno Smith. Remember when he was the front runner because West Virginia had played a bunch of high school defenses? Man, folks at ESPN have to wise up and stop all this talk about national championships and Heisman trophies early in the season. They are beginning to sound ridiculous. And besides, what do they know? Remember when Virginia Tech, Arkansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma State were ranked in the preseason?

Anyway, it was an interesting weekend. Not as interesting as I had thought it would be, but guess who the only guy to call Toledo over Cincy was? Ye-uh! So, what did we learn this weekend:

1. West Virginia can’t play defense (already suspected this). And they suck on offense (new revelation) when they play real defenses. This team is horrible and shouldn’t be ranked at all.

2. The Big East sucks. Cincy went down and they are hoping to take Louisville with them next weekend. I won’t be surprised if they do. No undefeated team will come from that pathetic league.

3. Notre Dame will probably not run the table. If they struggled that badly against BYU at home they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell on the road against Oklahoma.

4. No one wants to actually win the Big Ten. Wisconsin will win the Leaders division only because the other three eligible teams simply refuse to win. And the Legends division will get a lot more clear after this weekend when we see who wins the Michigan-Nebraska game. I have a feeling Nebraska will. Because no one wants to win the Big Ten.

5. If the season ended today. Florida State would play Duke for the ACC title. Coincidentally, they meet this weekend.

6. The Civil War this year might be very, very interesting.

7. Am I crazy for being excited to watching Utah State play Louisiana Tech?

8. Top to bottom this is the best the MAC and Sun Belt have probably ever been.

9. Missouri would probably still be 0-4 in league play even if they were still in the Big 12.

Am I missing anything? Oh yeah, the Heisman race. Don’t worry, the “experts” at the Heisman Watch at ESPN still give it to Geno Smith in spite of proving nothing more than he can throw the ball when no one is playing defense. When someone does play defense he has shown he just plain sucks. But what do I know?

These experts (15 to be exact) all had Geno Smith on their ballots. Three of them didn’t have Collin Klein. You know, the guy putting up good numbers EVERY week even against good teams, most recently West Virginia? What do I know though. Guess we’ll see how it all shakes out later.

Meanwhile, the race to the championship is looking interesting. Between Alabama and Florida someone is going to lose. That’s because they would meet in the SEC championship game. And so help me if they do and then we get a rematch for the BCS championship I’m going to kick every voter in the groin repeatedly. Even the women.

Kansas State is looking like a force though. If they get past Texas Tech this weekend they have the best chance of running the table for sure. Oregon has a tough test at USC, Oregon State and then the Pac-12 championship game. Notre Dame isn’t beating OU this weekend so they’ll drop out. In all likelihood we are headed for a Kansas State vs. Alabama/Florida winner for the BCS championship. And I wouldn’t mind that one bit.

The Orange Bowl will probably be Florida State vs. Rutgers/Louisville winner. The Sugar Bowl will be Alabama/Florida loser vs. Notre Dame. The Rose Bowl will be Oregon/USC vs. take your pick of the horrible Big Ten. I’ll go with Michigan for now. The Fiesta Bowl will probably be Oklahoma vs. Oregon State. Still early and anything can happen, but if things continue on the path they are on, that’s probably where we will end up.