Sloppy Seconds Are Back!

Ok, you watched the games on Saturday, you heard the tireless analysis from the same old talking heads, now its time for some Sloppy Seconds! I’m bringing it back! So without further ado, let’s do this.

West Virginia has proven yet again that offense wins games but defense wins championships. These guys were pretenders all along. After the Red Raiders got smashed by OU though I wasn’t about to pick that upset. Wish I had. But West Virginia was not a top 5 team and everyone knew it. Everyone was impressed by their 70-63 win over Baylor because they scored so much. Impressed? Not me, I was shocked they actually needed to score 70 just to win the game. Sounds like Dana Holgersen is fed up with the male cheerleaders putting on the pads and trying to play defense, so he should have the regulars ready to go against Kansas State.

I can’t believe Virginia Tech beat Duke. I just can’t believe it. Duke had that game in the bag. But every big comeback goes hand in hand with a monumental collapse. Sorry Blue Devils, almost had your first win against the Hokies since, well, ever I think.

Alabama looks like the team to beat in the land, but don’t count on anyone doing it. SEC is much weaker than previously thought. Alabama will run over all of them en route to the championship game. Their likely opponent? Notre Dame actually. Of all the undefeated teams left, Notre Dame has the honest to goodness best chance of staying that way compared to the others. But I doubt they will. In all honesty it’s going to be a 1 loss team going up against Alabama for the title. It’s either going to be Oregon, USC, Kansas State, Oklahoma or maybe Notre Dame. If it is another SEC team I will castrate Bill Hancock myself.

Florida is #2 in the BCS standings. Really? Most computers put them at #1 actually. Think that is nuts? Well, here are the computer rankings that go into the BCS formula:

1. Florida
2. Notre Dame
3. Alabama
4. Kansas State
5. Oregon State
6. Oregon
7. South Carolina
8. Texas Tech
9. LSU
10. Oklahoma
11. Rutgers
12. Mississippi State
13. West Virginia
14. Texas A&M
15. USC
16. Stanford
17. Georgia
18. Iowa State
19. Louisville
20. Boise State
21. Cincinnati
22. Texas
23. Ohio
24. TCU
25. Northwestern

That’s right, you can’t build computer logic apparently, as they think South Carolina is still better than LSU and that Texas Tech is in fact better than Oklahoma, in spite of games proving to the contrary. Then again, human voters have had a dramatic loss of logic themselves, so whatever. Keep in mind Ohio State isn’t eligible for a BCS ranking but the computers would probably have them at #1 because somehow bias is in their formulas too.

Speaking of, Ohio State really sucks. How many pathetic teams are going to keep letting them get away with pathetic wins like this? Hopefully Purdue, Penn State, Wisconsin or Michigan can expose them. Don’t hold your breath. Someone forgot to tell the Big Ten that you are trying to win the conference, not lose it. No one got the memo. There is fiercer competition to be the worst in the Big Ten than there is to be the best. And Ohio State and Penn State aren’t even eligible for the postseason. That championship game ought to be a real snorefest.

Florida State reminded everyone that they can put up 50+ points on any 1 win team in the country. Wow, and Kirk Herbstreit picked these guys to go to the National Championship? Everyone always got on Boise State’s case for crushing the little guys and just getting by against the big boys. Sound like the Seminoles to anyone else? They should get no respect, not until they put up a convincing win against a team that has shown they know how to play football.

USC is a real disappointment. Everyone expected a lot more from them this year. Pretty lackluster wins so far. If they keep this up College Gameday might choose the big Kentucky-Vanderbilt matchup over the Oregon-USC game just so those homers can be in SEC country which is clearly all they care about.

How about them Longhorns? What an embarrassment. If I were Mack Brown, here’s what half time would have been like.

“Ok girls, you were all high school standouts when I recruited you. You are a very talented squad lucky enough to play for Texas. And I am the coach of the Texas Longhorns. Now, I don’t know where those kids went I recruited, or what team you all are, but you are definitely not the Texas Longhorns, which means I am definitely not your coach. I’m giving my headset to Manny over there and I’m going to the stands to watch the rest of the game. If you see the real Longhorns tell them practice is bright and early Monday. Have fun losers.”

Louisville, Rutgers and Cincy are all undefeated and all have to play each other. Could we get an undefeated team to come out of the Big East? No, that’s not going to happen. I’m not always right about my predictions, but when I talk about the Big East, I can assure you no undefeated team will come from there.

As weird as this is to say, Louisiana Tech has the highest scoring offense in the country and I can’t wait until November 17 when they play Utah State for the WAC title. Too bad neither team will be in the WAC after this year. In fact, the WAC won’t even be in football after this year really, so what could have been an exhilarating rivalry won’t develop. So sad.

Don’t look now but Western Kentucky is 5-1. Good for them. Why you ask? Because they have almost tripled their previous win total…ever. Yeah, that’s right, since joining the FBS a few years ago they have won a total of 2 games ever. I don’t know who the coach is over there, but I’ve got 6 words for him: “Welcome to the University of Kentucky.” Yup, Joker Philips is out and this guy is in. Just wait and see.

So Arizona State and Oregon this Thursday huh? Should be a good game actually. I sure hope Oregon goes undefeated and plays Alabama for the title as they are the only ones who might score on the Tide. But Arizona State is a top 3 contender on the Ducks schedule so this is their first big test. Let’s see if they pass.

Remember when Michigan State, Wisconsin and Nebraska were ranked? Ha, that’s funny.

Remember when people said Miami was back? Ha, they’re funny.

Remember when Michigan was a top 10 team? Ha, that was funny.

Remember when Maryland was alone atop the ACC? Ha, that’s…uh, actually true. Wow.

Remember how Northwestern became the first bowl eligible team in the Big Ten? Ha, another true one.

Remember how the MAC had more bowl eligible teams than any conference except the SEC? Wow, good for them.

That’s it for now, be sure to check our predictions for next week when we put them up!