Sloppy Seconds Featuring Soon To Expand Big 12

I for one was happy to see a slate of games that actually mattered this past week. The upcoming week looks even better. Except for the monthly Alabama cupcake. Seriously, what gives? Western Kentucky, Chattanooga and Kent State? That’s some non-conference schedule. But I digress.

Louisville, like Hansel, is so hot right now. That November matchup with Houston could be huge. Imagine this. Louisville, Ohio State, Houston and Oklahoma could all win their conferences. Houston will have played two of them. The one they didn’t play will have played one they did. What chaos would ensue? I can tell you exactly what would happen: no Big 12 in the playoff. That spot would go to Houston.

What could that leave us, Stanford, Alabama, Ohio State and Louisville. Wow. Maybe Houston doesn’t get in. Let’s say though that they run the table. You have to put them in ahead of Oklahoma and Louisville, right? Would that mean a conference that features Clemson, Louisville, Florida State and Miami could be left out for Houston, coming from a conference that features…well, no one but Houston?

If I had to take a guess, Louisville is going to beat Houston and render this what if scenario moot and we will see Stanford, Ohio State, Alabama and Louisville in the playoff. That’s looking too far ahead though.

Right now the only clear thing is that the Big 12 is on the outside looking in. They appear to be a mediocre conference. Oklahoma has been the standard bearer for the last decade and still can’t get past any of the big boys. They always drop the big games. There are really no standouts.

Which is why the Big 12 knows now they need to expand and pick up the two best football programs available. That would be Houston and BYU. BYU already beat a Pac-12 team on the road, lost on a missed 2-point conversion on the road to another and lost by a field goal at home to still another. This is a competitive squad. They are also visiting West Virginia this weekend which may be a play in game of sorts. Houston already showed what they can do.

So my guess is the Big 12 will be adding these two very quickly. They have got to upgrade football and fast.

If I were an AP voter this would be my ballot this week:

1. Louisville
2. Ohio State
3. Alabama
4. Michigan
5. Michigan State
6. Houston
7. Clemson
8. Stanford
9. Washington
10. Texas A&M
11. Arkansas
12. Wisconsin
13. Miami
14. Tennessee
15. Georgia
16. Nebraska
17. Florida
18. Baylor
19. Florida State
20. Utah
21. San Diego State
22. North Dakota State
23. Georgia Tech
24. Navy
25. Arizona State