Sloppy Seconds – Week 13

Very late this week, but that’s how it goes. Not too much excitement to write about anyway. But there was a little bit worth mentioning.

First off, how about that SEC west huh? Lowly Arkansas has pitched two straight shutouts against has-beens LSU and Ole Miss. Naturally, they are now ranked #25 (at 6-5) in the ESPN Power Rankings. Yeah, no bias there. Also, how are they ranked ahead of Texas A&M exactly? Aggies are 7-4 and beat the Razorbacks. Weird. Either way, the SEC west isn’t what everyone thought. Two great teams in Alabama and Mississippi State, but both have their vulnerabilities. The rest is a mediocre mess of parity.

The SEC east isn’t any prettier. Missouri may win it, and they lost at home to Indiana, a bottom team in the Big Ten. Imagine if the Tigers win the SEC. That would be something. The way Arkansas is going though they may just take down Missouri and send Georgia to the SEC championship. You never know. If the Bulldogs lose to Georgia Tech and win the SEC with three losses, I wonder what the committee would do?

The Pac-12 picture finally cleared up. USC and Utah are out. UCLA is in if they beat Stanford. If they lose, the winner of the Arizona/ASU game goes to the championship against Oregon. However it turns out, those wins against Memphis and Texas are looking a lot better now for UCLA, so they might squeeze their way into the playoff, even with two losses.

Baylor is cheering hard for Texas to upset TCU this week. That would make their win over the Longhorns look pretty good and not diminish the win over TCU too much. It would also eliminate a big hurdle between them and the playoff. They still need to get big time style points over Kansas State though, so stay tuned.

The Big Ten race will likely come down to Ohio State and Wisconsin, unless Minnesota has a miracle in them.

The ACC is coming down to Florida State and Georgia Tech. Both teams may lose their finales to SEC foes first, which would take some luster off the game. If Georgia Tech loses then drops the ACC championship, that would open up a spot in the Orange Bowl for Clemson, so they are rooting against the Yellow Jackets all the way.

If I had to take a guess right now, I would guess the playoff would be:

(1) Alabama vs (4) Baylor in the Sugar Bowl
(2) Oregon vs (3) Ohio State in the Rose Bowl

Sorry Florida State, I doubt you’ll finish undefeated. And sorry TCU, you lost to Baylor. And sorry Mississippi State, but you didn’t even win your own division.

The Heisman race is coming down to Marcus Mariota and Melvin Gordon, but Mariota will win it in a landslide. That’s who I would vote for.

If I were an AP voter, this would be my ballot this week:

1. Oregon
2. Alabama
3. Florida State
4. Baylor
5. TCU
6. Ohio State
7. Mississippi State
9. Georgia
10. Kansas State
11. Michigan State
12. Wisconsin
13. Arizona State
14. Arizona
15. Georgia Tech
16. Missouri
17. Auburn
18. Marshall
19. Colorado State
20. Ole Miss
21. Clemson
22. Louisville
23. Oklahoma
24. Minnesota
25. Boise State