Sloppy Seconds Week 4

Looks like we are starting to see some separation in the college football landscape as conference play gets underway. Lots going on in college football so lets dig in.

First of all, c’mon LSU, firing Les Miles midseason? Not classy at all. He earned better than that. But as we have seen from crazy stupid firings over the past decade, things will work out just fine for Miles and not so fine for LSU. The heaping dumpster fire that is LSU will smolder for at least 5 years. Over the coming weeks you will see mass decommitment from top Louisiana recruits who will suddenly find nearby homes at other SEC schools like Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Arkansas and Alabama. LSU will be about as competitive as Mississippi State. Yeah they had a good run with Prescott a few seasons, but usually finishing around .500. That will be the new normal at LSU.

Miles? He won’t have a hard time finding work. Depending on how things shake out in Oklahoma and Texas this year, two big job openings might be soon available. My guess is he will leave the SEC. Part of that is because there are no job openings. Part is that he is done playing those guys every season. It’s a tough league. The Big 12 is prime for domination and OU or Texas would be great spots to land. He’ll have options. But if OU drops to 1-3 this weekend there will be a lot of people calling for Bob Stoops’ job to go to Miles.

Speaking of the Big 12, how is OU getting more votes than West Virginia in both polls right now exactly? At this point I have no idea how you rank Georgia or Florida but not Arizona State or West Virginia. Undefeated has to mean something until you lose. Georgia and Florida have played nobody…except the teams who beat them. I don’t get it. And can someone remind the coaches that just two weeks ago 3-1 Arkansas played 3-1 TCU? They have those teams backwards for some reason. Wait, I know the reason. They don’t watch the games. They don’t care. Their poll doesn’t mean anything.

Right now the Heisman looks like it will be between Lamar Jackson and J.T. Barrett if you ask me. Should be fun to watch that play out.

If I were an AP voter, this would be my ballot this week:

1. Louisville
2. Ohio State
3. Michigan
4. Alabama
5. Clemson
6. Stanford
7. Houston
8. Wisconsin
9. Texas A&M
10. Washington
11. Tennessee
12. Nebraska
13. Miami
14. Baylor
15. Florida State
16. Arkansas
17. Arizona State
18. Utah
19. Michigan State
20. Arkansas
21. San Diego State
22. TCU
23. Boise State
24. Navy
25. Air Force