Snoozer Of A Bowl Season

Is anyone even excited about the bowl games this year? In our predictions we are unanimous on 13 out of 35 games. That’s crazy. Want to know even crazier things? Of the five BCS sponsored bowls, many of them have the highest spreads of any bowl games. Florida is a 14.5 point favorite, the second highest spread. Florida State is a 13.5 point favorite, the third highest spread. Alabama is a 9.5 point favorite, the seventh highest spread. Oregon is an 8 point favorite, the ninth highest spread. And Stanford is a 6.5 point favorite, the thirteenth highest spread. Keep in mind, Stanford should be an 80 point favorite, I don’t know what the oddsmakers are thinking here.

But the biggest bowls which are supposed to be the most competitive are supposed to essentially be blowouts. So which games have even spreads? Kent State vs Arkansas State, TCU vs Michigan State and UCLA vs Baylor. I bet you’ll tune in and be on the edge of your seats, won’t you? Some spread are very close and involve teams actually worth watching though. Oregon State is only a one point favorite over Texas. Mississippi State is only a two point favorite over Northwestern. LSU is only a 3.5 point favorite over Clemson. And South Carolina is only a 5 point favorite over Michigan. Everyone else is a touchdown or more favorite.

Then there is Texas A&M vs Oklahoma which didn’t have a spread on the site I checked. I think that one will be a close spread as well. So with that out of the way, here are the only bowl games I might actually tune in to see in the order of most likely to be watched:

Notre Dame vs Alabama
Oregon vs Kansas State
Texas A&M vs Oklahoma
South Carolina vs Michigan
Oregon State vs Texas
LSU vs Clemson

Yeah, that’s about it. Nothing else looks interesting enough. And half the teams in bowl games have already lost their coaches so who knows how they will even play. Now, let’s assume there is no BCS rules as they are and no NCAA penalties. Here are the bowl games I would actually like to see:

Rose Bowl: Oregon vs Ohio State
Fiesta Bowl: Kansas State vs Stanford
Sugar Bowl: Georgia vs Oklahoma
Orange Bowl: Florida State vs Louisville
Cotton Bowl: Texas vs Texas A&M
Championship: Notre Dame vs Alabama

Of the remaining teams, I would rather see these matchups of the top teams:

Florida vs Nebraska
Clemson vs LSU (already getting it, yay)
Oregon State vs Michigan
UCLA vs South Carolina
Boise State vs USC
Utah State vs Northern Illinois
Tulsa vs Arkansas State

Tell me you wouldn’t rather see these games. But alas, we have what we have, and I think we’ll find most people sleeping through this bowl season.