Some Sloppy Ramblings…

So I was out of town all week and have been reading a lot and watching a lot while I’ve had time. I just have a lot on my mind that I need to get out for everyone, so here goes.

First, I can’t believe how many Boise State haters there are. I’ve never seen exposed, overrated and other such words more frequently in my life. The mass of uneducated, mindless swine that call themselves fans of this sport is baffling. Let’s set a few records straight so that everyone understands a couple of things.

First of all, let’s look at the consensus 1 and 2 in the country. Oregon was one field goal away from losing to Cal. They fell two or more scores behind Tennessee and Stanford in the first halves of those games. In their entire conference there are 9 other teams, 6 of which have won 5 games or less. Their non-conference opponents were an FCS team, a non AQ team with 1 win all season and Tennessee, a team that became bowl eligible in their last game of the season. What has Oregon done to “earn” a spot in the championship game? They beat nobody all year except for Stanford, and that’s it.

Auburn just inched out Clemson by a field goal in OT. They got manhandled by Alabama until Nick Saban threw the game. They needed over 60 points to beat Arkansas. They escaped Mississippi State by a field goal. They only beat South Carolina the first time by a score. They beat Kentucky by just a field goal. They beat LSU by just a score. They needed a big comeback just to beat Georgia. In fact, the only teams they comfortably beat were Arkansas State (non AQ), Louisiana Monroe (non AQ) and Chattanooga, and FCS team. This isn’t a team I would call dominant by any stretch of the imagination.

Let’s now imagine Boise State’s kicker had made the field goal to end regulation and won the game. Boise State would have beaten the ACC champ and a good Nevada team. They hadn’t been losing to an opponent from the 4th quarter of their first game until ever. They dominated everyone they were supposed to and fought good battles with the good teams they played. Isn’t that exactly what the other teams have done? I mean c’mon, Oregon especially, what kind of schedule did they play? Why does the schedule matter?

All I can say is this: Boise State obviously doesn’t deserve a spot in the championship game. Neither does Oregon, Auburn, TCU or any other FBS school. The only teams that deserve it are the ones that earn it. If you start the season giving only half the FBS the opportunity to earn a spot because of their immensely more difficult schedule, then what kind of sport is that? How about we have a playoff, then give everyone equal access to it, then let everyone have the opportunity to earn the right to play for the championship. Right now the BCS determines who most deserves to play for the championship. That’s a pretty stupid thing to say, isn’t it? How can we determine who is most deserving when most of the top teams haven’t played each other? What a messed up system.

Which brings us to TCU. Look at the lunacy going on here. TCU just joined the Big East. Yup, that’s right, the Big East. Why? Why spend all that money to travel your basketball teams? You now have 16 conference opponents, most of whom are nowhere near you. Why did they do it? The BCS made them, that’s why. There’s no other reason for it. It was purely a football move, and a smart one I might add. If there were no BCS this would never happen and it would be smarter to stay put, but hey, talk about doing what you can within the framework of the system. Still, I don’t like it. I don’t like that they had to do this. I don’t like that TCU didn’t have a choice. Thanks BCS. You’ve ruined the MWC, now its just the WAC II.

This brings me to something else I don’t like. Why are there so many FBS schools? I mean the discrepancy between Western Kentucky and Florida State is pretty incredible. From recruiting, funding, facilities, scholarships and everything else, these two teams don’t belong in the same league. Div. I schools are already divided into FBS and FCS in order for the leagues to be more competitive, but I’m telling you, only a handful of FBS teams outside of the Big 6 conferences belong there.

Look at the best teams in the MAC. Northern Illinois lost to Illinois and Iowa State this year. They did beat Minnesota, but not an accomplishment this year. Miami (OH) lost to Florida, Cincy and Missouri, the only 3 AQ teams they played. I mean, these guys don’t belong in the same league. The entire MAC needs to just move into the FCS. Take the Sun Belt and new WAC with you. As for the MWC and CUSA, put Tulsa, Houston and UTEP into the MWC and throw the rest of them into the FCS. At least let’s come up with a new system for determining FBS eligible teams. That should shake things up sufficiently.

Then we can have a 12 team playoff with all conference champions and a few at large bids. That would be some good watching. I’m really getting behind this idea. I’ll look into current FBS requirements and see if I can come up with some proposals to trim down the number of teams and get some more competitive game going on. The NCAA should also disallow the FCS vs. FBS matchups as they are utterly ridiculous. What are there, 100 a year? And 2 FCS teams win or something? Yeah, worthless. I’ll see what I can come up with to make it better.

By way of announcement just want to let you know I’m developing my end of the year rankings to determine who played their schedule the best. I have built in logic like two teams who end the year with the same records will always have the team that beat the other ranked higher, if they played each other. I’ll announce who the real 1 and 2 are at seasons end.

That’s it for now, just wanted to get all of that of my chest.