Sunday’s (Late) Sloppy Seconds: Comeback Kids

Well I was out of town this weekend and didn’t catch much, but it looked like the top 3 teams all struggled and had to comeback. Oregon looked awful in their mediocre 15-13 win that was only luck because Cal missed a field goal. Auburn wasn’t great in having to comeback against Georgia. TCU played the best team this week surprisingly in San Diego State and only barely held them off in the end. Boise State rolled again meanwhile.

I did catch Wisconsin roll up the score on Indiana. I mean c’mon man, someone tell the Badgers that just isn’t cool. You’re up a zillion points and throwing the football? I don’t care if the second or third stringers are in, that’s classless, pure and simple. And why did they do it? Thank you BCS. You see, if Ohio State takes care of Iowa, then there will likely be a three way tie in the Big Ten which will be decided by who ranks higher in the BCS rankings. Wisconsin is holding off Ohio State for now, and scoring 83 points will definitely keep them there in the minds of voters. Yet another perk of the BCS system…

Texas is in last place in the Big 12 South and needs to win out just to go to a bowl game. That rivalry with Texas A&M isn’t looking so good anymore. Could this be the first year we don’t see USC, Georgia, Notre Dame and Texas in bowl games? Gosh I hope so.

Voters still seem to think Missouri isn’t better than Oklahoma in spite of identical records and Missouri pounding the Sooners earlier this season. That idiocy will never cease to amaze me.

Cam Newton’s Heisman hopes rest solely on their remaining games against Alabama and South Carolina….oh and that eligibility thing. Sounds like they have pretty substantial proof that he and daddy cheated the rules, so I’m not sure why there is still any discussion. I mean, if these phone calls really did take place and what they’re saying was actually said happened, then win or lose Cam Newton is not becoming the next Reggie Bush embarrassment to the trophy and the sport. Kellen Moore would have my vote anyway since he is a much better QB. Cam Newton is just athletic. Kellen Moore is a better QB and he’s only played two full games this year. The guy doesn’t even know what the fourth quarter feels like.

The season has started to become quite boring for me at this point. It’s just a race for the top and the only intrigue is in whether or not Auburn or Oregon loses one of their remaining two games. Then things will get interesting. I don’t know that either of them will even though I hope they do. The only thing to hope for is that LSU loses to Arkansas, Auburn loses to Alabama, Wisconsin loses to anyone and same with Michigan State.

Why? Then you have Oregon vs. TCU or Boise State for the championship. Rose Bowl is Ohio State vs. TCU or Boise State depending on how you read the rules, or Stanford. Fiesta Bowl is who cares Big 12 champ vs. who cares Big East champ. Sugar Bowl is Auburn vs. Boise State? Maybe Stanford? Orange Bowl is Alabama vs. Oklahoma more than likely but who knows. I’ll just be watching Oregon and Auburn to see if someone stumbles and sends this season into a tailspin, otherwise we’ll have a pretty boring finish on our hands.